Celebrating 2015 - ELIKEH

You know we have a thing for Afrobeat over here at the fake office, so when Elikeh hit us with the proposition of releasing their new EP - KONDONA - and upcoming full length we jumped at the chance. Driven by Massama Dogo, Elikeh has that subtle groove that brings the old and the new into your heart. Reviews came pouring in, from Global a Gogo to World Music Central as the EP hit the charts and top ten lists. We dig THIS track and cannot wait for the full length release.

Elikeh - Kondona (11/20/15)

The Conversation

As the band stood at the brink of separation, each fully armed with their complaints, Franck Martins picked up his guitar and played. The conversation transformed from words to notes, and Elikeh was healed. And so it is as it always has been, music will sustain us all and bring us to a higher place. Hear the voices of Massama Dogo and Elikeh and preorder their new EP, Kondona, right here. Support the conversation by sharing the news.   

Adja (Elikeh)

afrobeat is alive

Last night Ropeadope Alum Antibalas celebrated their groundbreaking recording 'Who Is This America' at Brooklyn Bowl and reminded us once again of the vibrant, evolving tradition of Afrobeat and the politics and social justice message that still rings out. Joined by guitarist of the world Raja Kassis, Antibalas asserts their role as the baddest afrobeat band in the land. Our mission continues to release transglobal music with a positive message, from Raja Kassis to Karikatura to Ajoyo to The Funk Ark, and now we get ready to drop a new one from Elikeh. Support the sound that connects us all and pick up a copy of one of these great records. 


Breaking out of the confines of world music comes a new sound we have defined as trans-global music. we dropped a few gems last year in this style - The Funk Ark, Karikatura, and Ajoyo - and now from Washington DC comes ELIKEH. Led by Massama Dogo from Togo and joined by band members from Nigeria, Ghana, and the US, Elikeh stirs the Afropop pot so well that all of the influences swirl around as you listen. Their Ropeadope debut is a three song EP entitled KONDONA, due out on November 20th worldwide. Drop in here and hit that like button to stay on top of this one.