2014 countdown - Elephant Wrecking Ball

A power trio with trombone? That's exactly what Ropeadope fans will be expecting! Scott Flynn of JBB teams up with Neal Evans (Dopapod) and Dan Africano to deliver Barren Serenade - an inventive, soulful record that Performer Magazine describes as 'accosting and deliberate'. Flynn's deft manipulation of effects, backed by tight rhythms from Dan and Neal make for a dub meets avant-jazz style that makes everything and everybody feel...cool. Dig the sound right here and support creative exploration.

She’s not bringing me my sandwich tonight

Elephant’s memory

We get a lot of groundbreaking music here at the fake office, but this one bends the mind in a curious way. The power trio with a tight groove and a trombone on some sort of deliberate psychotropic freakout. Elephant Wrecking Ball manages to go waaaay out without ever leaving the (under) ground. If you spent all day at a festival and wandered into a jazz club at 5 AM, this is what you would hear. Blast off without leaving home right over here and support these creative cats on their uncharted journey.

Mountain Lion

Elephant Wrecking Ball

When Scott Flynn isn't on the road with John Brown's Body he's on the road with Pretty Lights. When he isn't doing either of those, he's composing and touring with Elephant Wrecking Ball - a drum (Neal Evans) and bass (Dan Africano) combo with Scott's trombone up front and many pedals below. This is creation, this is pushing boundaries, this is Elephant Wrecking Ball. Their new release, Barren Serenade drops right here next Tuesday. Put the cans on and dig in. 

She’s not bringing me my sandwich tonight

They came in like a …

Well, actually not like that at all. Elephant Wrecking Ball is the brainchild of Scott Flynn (John Brown's Body, Pretty Lights). A trombone driven power trio (go ahead and re-read that) with the drum and bass duo of Neal Evans (Dopapod) and Dan Africano. The less adventurous might ask - why? But we just let the music play and drift off into the band's self described 'ethereal mayhem', and suddenly everything makes perfect sense. The new album drops on July 1 - learn all about EWB right over here.  

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