doin it in the park

El Maestro

It is our distinct honor to welcome MR. EDDIE PALMIERI to the Ropeadope family of artists. Mr. Palmieri embodies the full spirit and intent of our mission - throughout his life and career he has fostered the qualities of independence, adventurous musical exploration, and most deeply has brought to life the spirit of crossing cultural boundaries for the singular purpose of connecting humans. His career is legendary - 10 Grammys, thousands of electrifying and soul affirming performances, all the time dropping jewels for us to hear for eternity. In the coming months we will chronicle his life and music to bring the full context of his contribution to humanity to light. If you are placing Mr. Palmieri squarely in Latin Jazz, or in Salsa, take note from the start that there is much much more - in fact much of what we know of these styles was firmly shaped by Mr. Palmieri himself, as he challenged existing structures by adding elements from his experience in music. Let us begin in the present day, as the maestro celebrates his 80th year - in his words 'I'm a frustrated percussionist, so I take it out on the piano'. Drop in here to start your day, and stay tuned as we turn back the pages.