Kings & Queens

Heads up - Friday marks the release of the new record from Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle - a diverse and soulful album that draws on Eddie's diverse musical interests. The title is a clear reference to the history of African Amercians, descendants of Kings & Queens. KCUR in Kansas City says it best - 'His inclusive approach may be anathema to hermetic members of the jazz community. But Kings & Queens, released by the Philadelphia-based Ropeadope Records, honors jazz tradition while sounding entirely contemporary because Moore and his bandmates in the Outer Circle emphasize melodic grooves rather than flamboyant soloing.', while NEXTBOP proclaims their love right here. Drop in and support the band right here.  

Kings & Queens

The Outer Circle

When you speak to EDDIE MOORE you find an ocean of calm, and when you LISTEN to Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle you find the depth of that ocean. Their debut album grabbed 3.5 stars from Downbeat, and we are ready to bring you the newest - KINGS & QUEENS - from the Houston born, Kansas City mover. Eddie runs across all the boundaries, bringing a variety of styles into his composition and playing, but without the flash and hype that defines so many. Eddie just plays it, in a deep way, with a tension just below the surface that speaks of great things. Drop in here to connect and right here to watch while we get KINGS & QUEENS ready for prime time.

Eddie Moore And The Outer Circle

There's a distinct vein of jazz that runs up the middle of the country, and no we're not talking about the New Orleans to Chicago route up the river. Often overlooked, tinged with a sense of history and the blues, it runs from the gulf through Houston and Dallas, up to Kansas City and Omaha. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Eddie Moore to the Ropeadope family. Raised in Houston, studied at TSU, and settled (for now) in Kansas City, Eddie Moore brings all the deep soul to his playing and composition, with a wide variety of influences mixed throughout. Eddie has just been awarded a grant from the Charlotte Street Foundation and he he just so happens to swinging back to Texas for some gigs. Check this and this and this