Ibaraki - Corey King

Corey King

Here at Ropeadope we are VERY interested in the evolution of JAZZ. Yes, we dig the classics, and the incredible artists that push improvisation while remaining true to the classics. But what really gets us going is the idea that Jazz can flow across all boundaries, infusing ALL genres with the spirit of new creation and improvisation. LASHES, the new album from Corey King, is a BIG statement in that direction. Recorded in NY with Alan Hampton, Jamire Williams, Matt Stevens, Justin Tyson, and Vicente Archer, LASHES takes us into a world of Alternative music fueled by top jazz musicians. Layered, haunting, undefinable yet strangely familiar - this record feels like the first step into a new wilderness. Drop in here to preorder, or pick it up at itunes.


The first press for the upcoming COREY KING record is out via MASS APPEAL, premiering the lead single - IBARAKI. Penned in Japan, the track immediately lets us know what to expect from Corey, and that it's not what you expected! Taking sequences from his computer, Corey has melded them with a live band - Alan Hampton, Matt Stevens, Jamire Williams, Justin Tyson, and Vicente Archer - and created a new sound that doesn't cross genres, it envelopes them. Hear Ibaraki and preorder the new album, LASHES, right here