Remembering 2014 - Col. Bruce Hampton

THIS was a crowning moment for us at Ropeadope. The father of the jam band movement. The living, breathing representation of improvisation at its highest and most free. A man who has inspired a legion of musicians. A friend to both Duane Allman and Billy Bob Thornton, a baseball player, a showman of the wildest degree, an actor, an unpredictable and always humble human. Col. Bruce brought us the most solid of blues albums, Pharoah’s Kitchen, in the winter of 2014, and we are still trying to understand it. As we count our good fortune on Thanksgiving eve, we offer our most humble thanks to the Colonel for gracing us with his presence. Take a look at the full length film of his life (so far) right here, and pick up the album right here.  

Col. Bruce Hampton (3/25/14)

Yield Not

Aquarium Rescue Unit

Aquarium Rescue Unit

We are packing up the fake office to head down to Baltimore for the kickoff show of Col Bruce Hampton and The Aquarium Rescue Unit. John McLaughlin and The Paul Reed Smith band are on the bill as Bruce and his merry band reunite for an epic throwdown. Check in on twitter and instagram for updates, and don't forget to drop in and support the Col by picking up his latest record right here

Still frightened

Last year we had the great pleasure of welcoming Col. Bruce Hampton to the Ropeadope family. And of course, he's become the grand mentor of the clan, 'kind of like a crazy uncle' as Dave Schools said. Recently someone told us that Bruce telepathically conducts the band, and we believe it. Take a trip back to the 2014 release, Pharoah's Kitchen, and take in the fact that it gets better with time. If you don't know, then spend some time right here getting to know why Bruce is Basically Frightened. Step on over here to pick up both the CD and the DVD. 

2014 Countdown - Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.

The most unusual, creatively outrageous, and instinctively REAL artist we have ever met. Col. Bruce Hampton landed at Ropeadope with a short phone call and a synchronous view of this thing we call the music business. To say we are honored would be an understatement - we bow to the legendary man and all that he does for the evolution of music. If you haven't watched the documentary of his life, please tune in here and prepare to be amazed. Col. Bruce's powerful blues album, Pharoah's Kitchen, features AJ Ghent and the usual array of talent that circles the man. Pick up the DVD for your friends, and share the story with the world. Check out Col Bruce in the new Run The Jewels video right here.

Right Now

popcorn and madness

The Plaza Atlanta is the place this weekend for an encore screening of Basically Frightened: The Musical Madness of Col. Bruce Hampton. After the film Col. Bruce will hit the W Hotel in Buckhead for a free show with special guests. And when Col. Bruce has special guests you can guarantee they will be incredible. If you're in the ATL we'll see you there, and if you're not you can see the film right here and hear the legend right over here.

Col Bruce in NYC