The Centennial Trilogy Experience

Friday marks the first of three releases from Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah. Why three? because he went into the studio with a vision, and that vision was expressed in 27 tracks with three distinct chapters in a story. To offer you the full experience, we have set up some options for listeners and collectors - choose from the digital edition, the deluxe bundle with all three CDs and the final box set, or the collectors autographed edition. While you're there take a peek at the new Ruler Rebel fitted tees and crew neck sweatshirts. It's all on Bandcamp today.

The Centennial Trilogy

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has emerged from the studio to bring us a trilogy of albums that stand as one work. The Centennial Trilogy is at its core asobering re-evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound. Timing the release around the 100th anniversary of the first Jazz recording, Adjuah continues on his mission to obliterate the pejorative of the social construct of race and separation. By blending genres he seeks to find that which is common in us all. The first of the series is RULER REBEL, which introduces us to the players with a mix of Trap, Western African, and Native American music via New Orleans. We fully embrace the vision and message, and of course the music - drop in here to preorder Ruler Rebel, and keep an ear on Apple Music this Friday to hear the entire album before the official release date of March 31.  

Christian Scott / Ropeadope TV

The Critics Speak

Sending a big congratulations to Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah for landing the Downbeat Critics Poll Rising Star Award in the Composer category, and to Elena Pinderhughes as the Rising Star on the Flute. Of course we are big fans of Stretch Music 1, but we are especially pleased to see the critics embrace the evolution of the genre in such a way. Drop in here and see the list. Stay tuned for news of the next Christian Scott release, coming soon to a Ropeadope near you. 

Jazz FM

The nominees for the 2016 JAZZ FM Awards are out, and we are honored to learn that Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah is up for ALBUM OF THE YEAR and JAZZ INNOVATION OF THE YEAR. The The ceremony is scheduled for April 26 in London, and public voting has begun in three top categories. Get the main scoop right here at JAZZ FM, and drop in here to support Christian Scott with your vote. 

Celebrating 2015 - Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

We met Christian Scott on a downtown NY street in wintertime, and sensed that he was a leader, a man with vision, and a human dedicated to the greater good. After a visit to this spot, it was decided that we would work together and the deal was done - though we had not even heard the music! Fast forward a few months and STRETCH MUSIC arrived in the inbox; within moments we realized that our trust in Christian and his creative spirit had brought us the highlight of our year. At the top of the list on NPR, Apple Music, and more, STRETCH MUSIC is here to bend your ears. 

Christian Scott (9/18/15)

Christian Scott at Berklee

Christian Scott Speaks

Creativity, compassion, and courage are all present in Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah's appearance on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. Christian describes his personal encounter with police in the context of writing his composition KKPD, with all of the emotion and frustration that results from intimidation based on race. We applaud Christian for persistently bringing this issue to the national stage, and urge you to tune in and support. Check out the NPR piece right here, and support right over here

Music Education Win

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah has a vision for music students worldwide. Today marks the release of the Stretch Music APP, an interactive music album and player that gives the user complete control. Each audio channel is available, so you can mute, pan and fade any instrument to play along with the recording. The sheet music is included; our favorite feature is the loop button to repeat any part of the track as you practice. It's a sleek and focused way of doing what kids have been doing on the web, and it is bound to boost the next generation of musicians in a big way. Drop in right here and get it.