S.T.V. - Bill Dickens

Our resident bass virtuoso Bill Dickens was just featured in Bass Musician Mag (of course!), and today is the day that we drop the second installment of Bill's STOP THE VIOLENCE Remix Project. Check Bill's own remix right here, download it for free right here and spread the word(s)!

Stop The Violence (S.T.V)

Renowned bassist Bill Dickens recorded 'Stop The Violence' on his debut album, Tha Truth, in response to the violence plaguing the streets of Chicago. Fellow musicians have been working on remixes to spread the word across the planet - a project of creation and encouragement to those that are working worldwide for peaceful solutions to our issues. The S.T.V. World Remix project starts today and runs until January 18, 2016. News will soon be out on the first remix, and sites are set up for you to add your comments and photos. Soon we will make the stems from the track available worldwide for anyone to remix or record the track. It's a blank canvas for all of us to express our solidarity and desire for peace, let's see what we can do. Drop in on tumblr, facebook, or google+. Hear the original track here, and stay tuned.

2014 countdown - bill dickens

A heavy nod to Mr. Cody Wright for connecting us with the incomparable Bill Dickens in 2014. Bill's list of credits is extensive, and his solo debut 'Tha Truth' showed the breadth of his experience and talent. While you might expect an album of safe bass licks that define his style, Bill has crafted a diverse set of songs that travel through his influences with ease. His skill as a wirter and arranger are evident, and the funk is always there. Take a trip and visit with Tha Truth right over here, and look for some very interesting remixes coming up in 2015 with a message of hope.

Smoooth groove

What’s Goin On? (Tha Truth)

'We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our childrens' future. And we are all mortal.' (John F. Kennedy)

the rising sun

Our very own Bill Dickens is headed off to Japan this weekend to perform with Leo Nocentelli and The Meters, while the buzz is building for his solo debut record (due out tomorrow). Tha Truth is sixteen tracks of polished dirty funk, delicate jazz, and messages of love and peace. Dig the collab with Mike Gordon, the rework of What's Goin' On, and the badass intro right here. This is a man of power exercising his love for music and the world. Like it if you like it and support real music.

Bass in your face

The fake office has been raving about this one for months, and we FINALLY get to drop some new music from the one and only Bill 'The Buddha' Dickens. Tha Truth comes out on 10/21 , and there are so many great tracks on this record it was tough to choose  -  so stop in right over here and tell us what you think of the groove. Post your comments at Bill's new spot.

bass master(piece)

We are thrilled to announce that the one (the only) Bill 'The Buddha' Dickens has joined the Ropeadope family. He's played with Chaka Kahn, Bernie Worrell, Pat Metheny and many more. He's produced and written on projects from Aretha Franklin, Bootsy Collins, Jerry Harrison, and more. And now its time for Bill Dickens to hit the world stage as ... himself. His new record, Tha Truth, drops right here on October 21st, and it's everything you'd expect from a badass bass player and more. And as if that's not enough, Ropeadope alum Mike Gordon makes a special appearance. Get ready.