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Just when you thought it was safe to listen to music, the jazz funk trio Big Fun 3 springs back into action and brings us FUNKED. Ready to drop like a sneak attack on June 16th, FUNKED is sultry, exotic, and funky as hell. Jump in right here to preorder at itunes, or stop in to the Big Fun 3 store right here.

2014 Countdown - Big Fun 3

Ropeadope alumni Big Fun 3 dropped right back into the mix this year wiuth yet another funky release. Fade Out is harder, heavier, and funkier than its predecessors. Bruce Cohen's Hammond driven soulful excursions include the crazed guitar of Peter Lucas and Tony Foster on the kit. When you're in the mood for Helicopters and Tomato Sauce just jump in and take a trip. Support Big Fun 3 on their subterranean musical journey and show them some love right over here.

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Boppy Poppy

Fade Out

From our resident Miami groove master Bruce Cohen comes the newest Big Fun 3 release - Fade Out. Harder, heavier, funkier - the new record is full of heavy percussion, crazed guitar, and Bruce's steady Hammond playing. Fade Out drops on Tuesday June 17 - get a taste right here and support these cats.

2013 Recap - Big Fun 3.2

Ropeadope alum Bruce Cohen returned in 2013 with a reformed trio and a new album - Big Fun 3.2. Joining Bruce are two new players Peter "Babe" Lucas on guitar and Tony Foster on drums, and the groove is heavier yet more melodic. Bruce sets a moody vibe on the Hammond organ, giving the record a dense, almost subterranean feel.   

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“Big Fun 3 – Just like the name says The music was so different, yet oddly familiar. It sounded . . . jazzy, funky, kind of metal, and then there was the New Age, psychedelic overtones. The song in progress started with a cool jazzy tempo, which led into a metal guitar riff, and then slowly progressed into an atmospheric new age sound, gradually falling back into the realms of rock, and then, mysteriously, psychedelic guitar chords took the sound in yet another direction. I found myself intrigued just waiting to hear what would come next. BF3’s renditions are always a little different, so you never know exactly what you’re in for, that way each time you hear them, you’re always in for something interesting. They’ll take you on a musical adventure they’re not even completely sure of! And what could be more fun than that?” Anna Collins - MiamiArtZine  

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Big Fun 3.2

From Miami comes the long awaited followup record from Bruce Cohen. Bruce returns to the 70's sound of Miles Davis for inspiration, and is joined by newcomers Peter Lucas and Tony Foster who bring a new, heavy sound to the project. The record drops today worldwide, so listen in right here, and if you like it send some love to the band over at Itunes