Badge and talkalot

The name is a nod to DeNiro's line in The Untouchables - 'You're nothing but a lot of talk and a badge'. The music flows from Gilberto Caleffi - Italian by birth and now based in Barbados, influenced by DJ Shadow and enamored with funk. Spaghetti Blaster is the new album from Badge and Talkalot, and it's laced with heavy bass and electro-funk. But here's the catch; instead of following the norm Spaghetti Blaster has only female vocalists and no guitar or horns. The result is key driven, bass laden, dance music with soul. Drop in right here and pick it up.

Is it me (or just the money)

Money (Badge And Talkalot)

light me up

light me up

Gilberto Caleffi will make you dance. His latest record under the moniker BADGE AND TALKALOT is due out next month, and tomorrow we kick things off with a mini EP. LIGHT ME UP is the lead single, and it comes with two remixes from Opolopo and Positive Flow. Electro-funky, old school beat bass blasting sound for the car and the dance floor with female vocals is the sound, Dig the EP right here and stay tuned for SPAGHETTI BLASTER.