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Through The Badlands - Arthur Vint & Associates

Arthur Vint & Associates

When you see Arthur Vint you can tell he is from Tucson, and when you hear his debut album - THROUGH THE BADLANDS - you can hear the depth of his love for the west. But make no mistake, Arthur is in New York now, and he has the band to prove it. Rich Perry, Jon Cowherd, and Tony Scherr are some of the 'Associates' that Arthur has assembled for this record, and the quality is clear. Through The Badlands reminds us a bit of Tin Hat Trio, but with a strong sense of jazz and rock throughout. We're already hearing great things about this one from those who KNOW, and we hope that you will like it too. Tune in right here to stay in touch, and stay tuned for preorder announcements this wek. 

Through The Badlands

The music never stops

It's been a wild ride here at the fake office yet again this year, with over 40 new releases - each and every one a personally crafted, quality release. We'll be presenting each record once again as we wind down the year, and hope that you will continue to support this wonderful mix. There is no sign of slowing as we prepare for 2016 with releases from Arthur Vint, Notify, The Sharp Things, Patrick Seraya, Nuf Said, Chantae Cann, and many more. Look for some incredible surprises as our interdependent label folks bring the locally grown, small batch, organic music to the world. Stay tuned!