Built For Love

Built For Love By Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step from Angelo Moore & Brand New Step on Vimeo.

QuickieMart (Remix)

Our very own ambassador of funkiness Mr ANGELO MOORE drops back in with a reminder for us all - KARMA CASHBACK warns those who manipulate while reminding us all to put some good into the world. This Friday we hear from Angelo with a remix of the track from DJ Quickie Mart - a timely reminder of the world we live in  and the eternal cycle of Karma. Drop in here to visit the original record - CENTURIES OF HEAT - and stop by on Friday for a dose of Karma.

Karma Cashback

Dr Madd Vibe

Today is the day! The new record - CENTURIES OF HEAT - from Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step is here, and it's a banger. Angelo is out (yet again) on the road fronting the seminal, genre defying band FISHBONE, but he left us with an absolute gem of a record. Politics, social commentary, lament and love for a life of music - all are covered with an unmistakeable groove and a good dose of party vibe in the mix. Done with the legendary RONDO BROTHERS in the bay area, Centuries is a lot to get your head around - so jump in right here and get started. 

Take a little step

Centuries Of Heat


The Brand New Step

We are cueing up a brand new record from Angelo Moore (& The Brand New Step). CENTURIES OF HEAT is sometimes deep, sometimes politically charged, and often straight FUN. As the lead vocalist for the seminal Ska-punk-rock-funk band FISHBONE, Angelo is a vital artist who has comitted his very essence to music. Centuries Of Heat is tight - a solid collaboration with The Rondo Brothers from San Fran - funky, soulful, filled with meassage and groove. Grab the limited edition vinyl right here, keep up with Angelo and BNS right over here.   

Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step - Vinyl Preorder!

Yes, that’s right. We’re all pumped up over here as we proudly announce that Angelo Moore & the Brand New Step will release their new one - Centuries Of Heat - here at Ropeadope. A founding member and lead singer of the legendary band FISHBONE, Angelo Moore needs no introduction. His new project is the result of collaboration with The Rondo Brothers and features guest appearances from Boots Riley, Butterscotch, and Syzygy. It’s hot, it’s got SOUL, and it’s full of social commentary with a funky funky beat. CENTURIES OF HEAT is set for release on May 13th - Drop in right here for the Vinyl Preorder.