2013 Recap - Analog Attention

This one came our way and we had to jump in. A fresh set of jazz musicians from Moscow Russia with a host of diverse musical influences, Analog Attention is the creative vessel for Max Shcherbakov from the Moscow College of Improvisational Music. Who knew there was a thriving jazz scene in Moscow? We're looking forward to more from these cats in the years to come. Dig in right here and share the experience. 

Point G

What the critic said

"It’s jazz, but jazz [with a] strong influence of electronic music in terms of sound and club culture…. Youth clubs, their atmosphere like this, reflects the nerve and the rhythm of today’s large cities - probably the perfect place for this music. Electronic effects, the sound of electronic instruments, hard, sharp, and sometimes pure funk, sometimes willfully choppy rhythm - is the basis of almost all the album’s tracks. Basis - but not all of the content. Horn section group represented by saxophonist Alexey Mineeva and trumpeter Michael Brucheeva firmly links the sound on the whole, with jazz. Very stylish and quite modern summarizes the album as a whole. - Jazz Quadrat (in Russian, translated by Google)  

Your (Analog) Attention Please

From Moscow, Russia (with love) ... Analog Attention drops their debut album on the world today. Fresh from the mind of bandleader Max Shcherbakov, the record draws from influences from Jaga Jazzist to Snarky Puppy. Stream it here and here, and support a growing jazz scene in Russia by heading over to Itunes and giving it some stars. 


Tumblr Time

We've been having a ton of fun with tumblr these days. the platform lets us put music, art, lyrics, photos, and videos all on one big wall, which turns listening into a more vibrant experience. Check out the page for our new kids from Moscow (Analog Attention) right here, and then add your own media right over here on the fan page. Its an open conversation on the music, the band, and the world.

Inspiration Playlist from Max


Check the first playlist from Max Shcherbakov, the man in front of and behind Analog Attention. Drawing on his extensive range of influences, Max treats us to selections from Hidden Orchestra, Snarky Puppy, Portishead, Jaga Jazzist, Foals, and more. Take some time and reach into Max's mind...  

don’t tell anybody

From Russia with love

Get ready folks, Analog Attention is on their way to your ears and it's gonna make you move. This talented six piece (+) jazz fusion band hails from Moscow, Russia and their influences range from Massive Attack to DJ Shadow to MMW and Snarky Puppy. Enjoy. Spotify it right here, album drops 5/28.