We are very excited about this new record from Trinidad - COUSOUMEH from Akinola Sennon blends jazz with undeniable African beat and steel pan flavor. This is an interpretation of JAZZ where the heritage of the island and the full sense of the African diaspora collide, sometimes in a polished way and sometimes with a raw undercurrent. Most notable to us is DOH FIGHT MEH, highlighting the groove with an extended spoken word 'discussion' of the history of oppression and its extension into the modern world, as the artist proclaims 'melanin has just been declared illegal'. This is a declaration of the coming power of the diaspora itself, musically, culturally, and politically. Drop in here to HEAR.

Akinola Sennon

From Quinam Road in Siparia, Trinidad comes Mr. Akinola Sennon - a musical warrior with a beautiful vision and sense of purpose. A student of Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander, Akinola views the steel pan as his pathway to changing his reality and influencing the world. His new project, COUSOUMEH, draws on the rich cultural and musical heritage of Trinidad and the African diaspora. The title is a representation of the blending of the forces that shape history, best described by the man himself right here. COUSOUMEH is complex yet simple, delicate yet powerful, and is an exciting record with an edge that is often missing in Jazz. Drop in here to preview and preorder.