Celebrating 2015 - AJOYO

Tunisian by way of Paris, Sax player Yacine Boulares brings a mystic brew of African tradition, jazz, and soul through his diverse band - AJOYO. As winter turned to spring we happily brought this self titled release to the world, reflecting Yacine’s powerful and joyous vision of music and dance. the beautiful and soaring vocals of Sarah Elizabeth Charles graced several of the tracks, and the worldwide response was life affirming. In these troubled times, take a moment to tap into the JOY.  

Ajoyo (4/21/15)

Ajoyo - benskin

Ajoyo is coming

Tuesday marks the release of Ajoyo's self titled debut album, and it's the genre-blender of genre-benders. The early singles featuring Sarah Elizabeth Charles have become faves of music lovers and tastemakers worldwide, and there is plenty more to dig into on this groundbreaking record from the mind of Yacine Boulares. Check the full band live in New York on Tuesday night, and dig in right here to listen and preorder the full album. If Itunes is your jawn, head over here and add it to your collection. 

Idanwo - Ajoyo

ajoyo - chocot’

Stand up and take notice, it's time to dance as Ajoyo drops the next single from their upcoming self-titled debut. Chocot' is classic afrobeat with a slinky line from organ player Can Olgun and emotive sax from Yacine Boulares. Get lost in this one folks, stream it right now over here and grab a copy for the road right here. The full LP drops on April 21, and the preorder is up right now.


Today we drop a fresh new single from Ajoyo, whose full length debut is due out on April 21.  Ajoyo blends Cameroonian rhythms with improvisational jazz and soul, with the intent of transforming deep emotions to joy. Vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles holds our attention as she delivers a new style of soul, with a tight cast of musicians behind her. TODAY is the last day to participate by supporting the crowdfunding campaign, or head on over here to snag the new track, Idanwo.

Ajoyo - Benskin

'I long for the day, My color, my kind, My gender, my race, Won't trouble your mind.' The clear voice of vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles begins Ajoyo's first single, Benskin, with this powerful and simple statement. Cameroonian rhythms lead the track, and jazz piano and horns move in like the music had been paired since the beginning of time. Tunisian (by way of Paris) Yacine Boulares demonstrates an ease of composition and style on the strongest debut we have seen in some time. Jump in here and grab the track, and support Ajoyo in the making of the full album right here.  

Ajoyo Wants You

We've heard a couple of tracks from Ajoyo, and that's all we need to figure out that Yacine Boulares will be delivering an incredible album. Check the video below to get the spirit of what the most prominent sax player in Tunisia is crafting here. Jump over to Indiegogo and reserve your copy, and if you have the means, we'd highly recommend that you snag the house concert right away.

Sarah Elizabeth Charles X Ajoyo

Sarah Elizabeth Charles talks about AJOYO from Yacine Boulares on Vimeo.