Adam Smale (3/4/14)

Remembering 2014 - Adam Smale

Pat Martino called Adam Smale ‘an exciting new voice on the scene’, and we of course always agree with Pat Martino. Adam brought us his seasoned and sultry record OUT OF THE BLUE in early 2014. Composed and performed by Adam and his quartet, the record is a delightful and intense journey through jazz guitar in Adam’s unique finger style technique. Check Adam’s book on guitar right here, and drop in to listen and support right here.  

NYC Love Affair - Adam Smale

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Adam Smale was called 'an exciting new voice on the scene' by the great Pat Martino, and we heartily agree. On his Ropeadope debut, Out Of The Blue, Adam brings a unique style with his custom seven string guitar while still honoring and evoking the classic sound of jazz guitar greats. We are exceptionally proud of this one, and urge you to jump in and make your day just a little more hip right over here

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Adam Smale's US (and Ropeadope) debut album, Out Of The Blue, drops Tuesday worldwide. Performing professionally since he was 14, Adam masters his personally designed 7 string guitar with flourish and style. if Snarky Puppy is your Saturday night, then Adam Smale is your Sunday morning - a cool and compelling jaunt through the complexities of jazz. Stay tuned right here, we'll be giving you a early access to the album album on Monday morning.

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Adam Smale's US debut, Out Of The Blue, hits next Tuesday March 4th worldwide. The reviews are coming in, with praise like 'Smale pays attention to Eddie van Halen and other mega-talented axehandlers, so that just-outside-of-jazz inflection and even occasionally fusiony vibe you hear every so often has interesting roots'. We've been enjoying this wonderful record and we're stoked to unveil it to you later this week, so stay tuned. To learn more about Adam, jump on over to his facebook page or check out a track from the release right here.    

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Ropeadope artist Adam Smale is getting love for his signature style on 7 string guitar - just take a look at the reviews here and here, and get ready for Downbeat's take in the April issue. You can catch Adam live in NYC, and take an early listen to a track right over here. Album drops March 4 th. 

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“Standing strong in the field of Jazz” is Pat Martino's comment on Toronto native Adam Smale. After 15 years of playing around the world Adam is releasing his US debut, Out Of The Blue, right here at Ropeadope. The record drops on March 4th, and we're already getting amazing reviews from Europe and US jazz critics and DJs. Check out Adam's story right here, including shots of his personally designed 7 string guitar. get an early listen right here.