2014 countdown - adam & kizzie

Jonathan Scales hipped us to the OKC duo of Adam & Kizzie. Deeply spiritual with a bright and energetic perspective on the music of this world, Adam & Kizzie's second album - The Book Of EEDO Vol 2 -  dropped this fall. Define it? We haven't been able to yet - Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gospel, all of the above and then some. Step on up right here and get a taste, and on this day before Christmas send a little gift of creativity to your friends. 


Today marks the 13 th day until the September 9 th release of Adam & Kizzie's second album, The Book Of EEDO Volume Two. Rooted in faith and flowering in music, this record is truly adventurous as it moves from jazz to electronic tinged Hip-Hop. The urge to define comes when we want to communicate to others, but on this one we just can't. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Discover Adam & Kizzie right over here.

love from the heartland

It's a story of friends, of struggle, of love, music, and hope. Adam and Kizzie are husband and wife, partners in a musical journey that begins at the intersection of Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel. Adam's soulful piano underscores Kizzie's soaring vocal style as the couple enter uncharted musical territory. It's sad and beautiful (like life) all at once, and we are thrilled to be the label that brings you their new record, EEDO Vol 2 this fall. But first, Adam and Kizzie are asking for your support to record the album. Take a listen right here and get the feel, then decide if you will support them on their path. And please, spread the word by sharing the link.

With You Forever

With you forever

After 15 years we can honestly say the best part of the world of music are the people who make it. In a world where purpose has been drained from many professions, musicians remain true to their art. Quite often we meet artists, humans, who fully embody that spirit. They make music because it is their essence, it is who they ARE. And so, we would like to introduce Adam and Kizzie to all of you... Take a moment to experience their world right here.