Celebrating 2015 - Walking Distance

As we come to year's end, we reflect on the many talented artists that have joined the Ropeadope family. It has been an amazing year, so tune in each day to see and hear the 45 releases of 2015 and add some dope music to your collection. First up is Walking Distance, released on January 27th - this cast of heady jazz cats from NY kicked off the year with eclectic and brash compositions that will bend your mind. As Downbeat put it - 'Count the young, open-spirited band Walking Distance as an impressive contender in a new crop of ensembles representing the contemporary acoustic jazz aesthetic... Neighborhood announces the arrival of a creative firebrand of a band worth hearing and following.' DIG.  

Walking Distance (1/27/15)

Who’s afraid of the avant garde?

This just in from Downbeat Mag - a glowing review of the debut release from Walking Distance (Neighborhood). '...these New Yorkers...make a strong impact and take inventive routes in the format of a chordless quartet'. We dig it too (of course!) and hope you'll drop in and take a listen for yourself. Pick it up on itunes or direct via bandcamp.

death of the cool

Twenty seven years ago Jazz legend J. J. Johnson stated 'Jazz is restless. It won't stay put and it never will.' For over 100 years this slippery art form has been evolving, twisting and turning musically and culturally. There are times where it settles in the public perception, and then there are times like these. Jazz is restless yet again, moving through another generation and searching for new ground. Walking Distance is part of that process, seeking to define 'home' in a world of constant motion. Their debut album adds just enough mayhem to the mix and brings it all back to a very personal neighborhood, just like that. Dig in and support Walking Distance right here.  

Willoughby Greene - Walking Distance

All About Neighborhood

In one of our favorite quotes, All About Jazz states that Walking Distance 'invest themselves in punk-inspired noise craft', and in one listen to their debut album Neighborhood the quote's truth is revealed. Brought to us by Ropeadope Alum Ben Rubin (dred scott), who mixed the album, the band is brimming with intense purpose and serious jazz exploration. Get ready for tour dates coming out this month, and jump right in and support these cats with a preorder today.   

Cartoon Element

Walking Distance

Exploration and improvisation are the eternal hallmarks of jazz, with each new performer adding his individual stamp to the library of the genre. Bring four fiercely individual players together, and a shared musical vocabulary emerges. This is exactly the dynamic of Walking Distance, the New York collective of Caleb Curtis (alto saxophone), Kenny Pexton (tenor saxophone), Adam Coté (double bass) and Shawn Baltazor (drums). Mixed by the fearless Ben Rubin (dred scott, Eric Krasno), Neighborhood is the title of the band's debut release, and it's all packed up and ready to move on January 27th.   

Dewey Circle