Surprise EP ‘Flora’ coming from Jneiro jarel

the rising sun

Our very own Bill Dickens is headed off to Japan this weekend to perform with Leo Nocentelli and The Meters, while the buzz is building for his solo debut record (due out tomorrow). Tha Truth is sixteen tracks of polished dirty funk, delicate jazz, and messages of love and peace. Dig the collab with Mike Gordon, the rework of What's Goin' On, and the badass intro right here. This is a man of power exercising his love for music and the world. Like it if you like it and support real music.

standing strong

While we have 9 releases cued up for 2015, we are not finished with 2014 just yet. Look for two bangers on Tuesday 10/21 from Bill Dickens and Butcher Brown. The veteran bassist delivers his solo debut, Tha Truth,  and it's a monster of a record with 16 tracks of jazz, funk, and a surprise cut with Mike Gordon. Butcher Brown's full length debut, All Purpose Music, is already getting international praise, as Jellowstone continues to own the underground. More to come after that, and then we need to hibernate.  

The world over

Snarky Puppy shifts into an even higher gear with a world tour to places known and not so known. Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, and Warsaw are just a few of the stops. With apologies to the penguins (No Antarctic dates), Michael League leads the Pups onward to reach ALL the people of the world. Check the dates right here, join the team of Puppy lovers right here, and stay tuned for some very interesting announcements coming soon.

trip hop funk rock

It's a challenge here at the fake office to describe most of what we put out, and the new record from Kalen & The Sky Thieves is one of the toughest to define. Here's what we do know - the band is tight, their commitment to exploration is clear; Their leader is strong and beautiful, like a punk rock china doll, leading the band on with her haunting voice and vision. I'd jump in the van right now and follow this band. Check the sound right here and support, or head on over here and like like like

all aboard - the funk ark

Led by Antibalas member Will Rast, The Funk Ark lives up to their name. They're going to save us from the deluge of stereotypical sound and take us to the new land of transglobal music, and we're gonna dance all the way home. Check their new release today - Man Is A Monster - on Itunes, or grab your copy right here to support the groove. Help the band by sharing right over here

When We Arrive

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