DJ harrison

We're doing some spring cleaning here at the fake office this weekend, sifting through the last year and getting things straight. One of the biggest moves we made in 2014 was signing on with Jellowstone Records and the resident creative powerhouse that is DJ Harrison. Devonne Harris embodies the forward moving spirit that makes the critics look slow and pushes the entire business ahead. How do we know, well for one Count Bass D told us so, but we can hear it in his impressive catalog and his contributions to bands that are sneak attacking the old guard worldwide - Butcher Brown and Kings. Dig. Dig. Dig. Get with the new.    

Battle of the boroughs

There is no place like New York on this planet, and tonight will show that yet again as the Ultimate Battle Of The Boroughs brings the very best of the city's resident musicians together for a throwdown. We are proud that Nat Osborn Band will be repping Brooklyn (of course!), and hope that if you are in the city you can get out and support. If you're not, you can vote online from 7-9:30 PM and put these cats over the top. You can also text BK8 to 69866 and have your voice heard. Viva La Ropeadope, Brooklyn style. 

Three times dope / #3Xd

We're bringing it to the streets with three solid shows next month. First up is the Ropeadope/Jellowstone triple play at Art Of Cool Festival - Sidewalk Chalk, Butcher Brown, and Snarky Puppy heat up the Durham Armory on April 27th. Then it's straight up I-95 to The Brooklyn Bowl for MK Groove Orchestra, CCCO, and Kuf Knotz on April 27th. Top off the week with Karikatura and Butcher Brown at Arlene's Grocery on April 30. We'll be hitting all three, will you?

About The band

Popdose says it well - 'Nat Osborn, the mastermind behind the suitably named Nat Osborn Band, writes smart, punchy tunes that blend old-school Gershwin-era songcraft with decidedly modern sensibilities'. We just plain DIG it. The band IS Ropeadope for one simple reason - we cannot define it. Old school, new school, after school - The Nat Osborn Band fits nowhere in the intellectual categorization of genre OR time. So what to do? Sit back and listen.   

ajoyo - chocot’

Stand up and take notice, it's time to dance as Ajoyo drops the next single from their upcoming self-titled debut. Chocot' is classic afrobeat with a slinky line from organ player Can Olgun and emotive sax from Yacine Boulares. Get lost in this one folks, stream it right now over here and grab a copy for the road right here. The full LP drops on April 21, and the preorder is up right now.

Mudville Live (w/ Mike Mills)

Fire In The Wind (Nat Osborn Band)

Soul Brother Greg Hester

The new Greg Hester record - Soul Brother Where Art Thou? - is getting praise from all corners as the funkiest groove of the year. With many of the J.B.s performing and amazing vocal performances from the likes of Kevn Kinney, Chris Unck, John Popper and more, it's not a surprise. Check it right here, and please do tell your friends