JJ X Bonafide

Bona Fide

Jneiro Jarel is in the studio, deep in the creative process and preparing to drop new music via Label Who?. Check this feature and exclusive mix he did for Bonafide Magazine - deep, otherworldly (of course), and soaked in heavy beats. We've been waiting to hear what's going on in there, and he casually drops a new track, Landed, in the middle of the mix. Genius.

Snarky Puppy X Metropole

Back in the early days, Ropeadope artists like DJ Logic, Christian McBride, and King Britt were the torchbearers who kept independent music alive and spoke to the generation of fans who sought out real music. Today Snarky Puppy is leading the way for a new generation of musicians and fans, and we thank them endlessly for their leadership, their perserverance, and their wonderful music. The Pups are in Holland right now, recording a full CD/DVD with an entire orchestra (!), and then heading out for a tour of the EU before heading back to the US for summer tour. Get up with the tour dates right here, and for some reason you aren't down with the sound, you can catch up right here.

Left Unsaid

About Parliament

Intro To Double Slide

Lone Wolf

Ropeadope Artists on Tour - NYC

Here are a few gems for your live music experience this week Start it off with Chop & Quench at the Knit in BK with Michael Kammers, drop by Nublu in NYC for our very own Ajoyo with Yacine Boulares on Thursday April 17, back to the Knit for Kuf Knotz on Friday the 18 th and check out Dana Lyn with Yeti Camp at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn on April 20. Now that's a nice mix.