Live At The Blue Whale

On March 18, 2016 Mark de Clive-Lowe hit (the LA Jazz hotspot) The Blue Whale, positioning his first instrument, the grand piano, at the front of his technological world of keys and electronics. The band was world class - Brandon Eugene Owens, Josh Johnson, Gene Coye - and the result is full on live performance without the studio safety net. Mark pays tribute to three of his heroes - Yusef Lateef, Sun Ra, and Ahmad Jamal - in real time as he brings us LIVE AT THE BLUE WHALE on February 17th. Available on CD, Vinyl, and Download - preorder physical copies here, preorder begins on Itunes on January 20. 

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point of departure

From the early days playing with the likes of Freddie Hubbard and Bobby Hutcherson, to present day leading THE COOKERS, DAVID WEISS is an often unsung hero exploring Jazz in its many forms. His project POINT OF DEPARTURE is in full swing, with their third album set for release here at Ropeadope on February 17. Delving into the unique era of the late 1960's, when Jazz became more complex and yet simpler as a variety of influences - soul, rock, far east rhythms - infused the music, WAKE UP CALL is an exploration of this time with cuts from John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Joe Henderson, and more. The band includes Myron Walden, JD Allen, Ben Eunson, Travis Reuter, Nir Felder, Matt Clohesy, and Kush Abadey. The music transports you to a glorious and inventive time, yet remains adventurous and polished at the same time. Stop by right here to stay in the know.   

afro-caribbean mixtape

'While Black is a race, it is also a synonym for African. We aren't born a race - we are raced. But despite any structural attempts by the dominating class to suppress our spirits, there is a light that still shines within.' (Nicholas Payton). Thus begin the liner notes for AFRO-CARIBBEAN MIXTAPE, a master work from Mr. Payton that brings his full essence as a musician, a composer, and a Black man in America. Afro-Caribbean Mixtape delivers the history OF the music, IN the music. Drop in right here for a first listen and to pre-order your copy.    



We were introduced to Cillian King as a member of NOTIFY, and recently he got in touch about his new project with Cillian Doheny called ATLAS. Often times music disarms your critical faculties and just makes you feel good, and the Atlas album AFFINITY does just that. Artfully blending traditional Irish concertina with orchestral elements, the album feels like the dream sequence in a classic film. AFFINITY will be available worldwide on January 27th. Pick up a copy right here in high def to support the artists, or drop in to your favorite streaming service and turn it up.