best R&B Album!

We're beaming with pride here as Terrace Martin's Velvet Portraits snags a Grammy nomination for best R&B Album! When Terrace told us the world needs more good songs, we believed him and watched as he created an album that was reminiscent of the great R&B albums of the past with a solid contemproary feel. We;'re thrilled for the band as well - Sput Searight, Curly Martin, Brandon Eugene Owens and all of the guests who appeared. And it's all just in time for the album to hit on vinyl - pick it up right here

Terrace Martin / Ropeadope TV


Today marks the release of the first single from ESCAPER, the brand new baddest band in the land. Ropeadope alums Will Hanza, Jay Giacomazzo, and Adam Ahuja are joined by intense drummer Andrew Nesbitt and Sax man Johnny Butler for a purposeful blend of Rock, Jam, and Jazz that sounds like a set of intergalactic travelers surveying their lands with authority. The band name is deliberate - this music is designed to take you away from reality into the realm of possibility. Dig in right here (headphones reccommended). 

Ollie Howell

It is with great pleasure that we welcome drummer Ollie Howell to the Ropeadope family of artists. Ollie has turned heads in the UK. catching the ear of the great Quincy Jones, who has selcted Ollie for the opening residency at the brand new Q's Jazz Club in Dubai. We recenty caught up with Ollie at the London Jazz festival, and found his very distinct style of playing (and composing) quite uplifiting as he conveys a sense of light and hope in the midst of complexity. Check in with Ollie right here, and stay tuned for the release of his second album, Self Identity, in early 2017. 

Velvet Portraits Vinyl Preorder

It's on the way folks - Terrace Martin's Velvet Portraits is being pressed onto Vinyl next week in all of its audio glory. A double LP, gatefold style, 180g Black Vinyl with collectors sleeve. We'll be assembling everything at the Ropeadope Store the following week and shipping them out just in time for the holidays. Plus there are 30 copies signed by Terrace - drop in right here and reserve your copy. 

Christian Scott / Ropeadope TV

willow weep for me

QuickieMart (Remix)

Our very own ambassador of funkiness Mr ANGELO MOORE drops back in with a reminder for us all - KARMA CASHBACK warns those who manipulate while reminding us all to put some good into the world. This Friday we hear from Angelo with a remix of the track from DJ Quickie Mart - a timely reminder of the world we live in  and the eternal cycle of Karma. Drop in here to visit the original record - CENTURIES OF HEAT - and stop by on Friday for a dose of Karma.