2014 Countdown - Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret.

The most unusual, creatively outrageous, and instinctively REAL artist we have ever met. Col. Bruce Hampton landed at Ropeadope with a short phone call and a synchronous view of this thing we call the music business. To say we are honored would be an understatement - we bow to the legendary man and all that he does for the evolution of music. If you haven't watched the documentary of his life, please tune in here and prepare to be amazed. Col. Bruce's powerful blues album, Pharoah's Kitchen, features AJ Ghent and the usual array of talent that circles the man. Pick up the DVD for your friends, and share the story with the world. Check out Col Bruce in the new Run The Jewels video right here.

Basically Frightened - Col Bruce Hampton

Wear Me Down - Shayna Steele X Robert Randolph

Dig THIS - Shayna Steele's first single from her upcoming release drops today, and it features the unmistakeable Robert Randolph (The Word) on pedal steel with Eric Harland and Marcus Miller laying down the groove behind David Cook's driving piano. This right here is exactly what we live for. Pick it up on Itunes and jump start your soul.

2014 countdown - adam smale

Adam Smale was called 'an exciting new voice on the scene' by the great Pat Martino, and we heartily agree. On his Ropeadope debut, Out Of The Blue, Adam brings a unique style with his custom seven string guitar while still honoring and evoking the classic sound of jazz guitar greats. We are exceptionally proud of this one, and urge you to jump in and make your day just a little more hip right over here

2014 Countdown - snarky puppy

Fresh off the heels of their Grammy win, Snarky Puppy came out swinging with their fourth Ropeadope release - We Like It Here. Recorded live in the Pups signature style, the album debuted at # 1 on the Itunes Jazz charts across the world and established the band as the standard-bearers for a new movement in jazz. Dig in right here for the full length film of We Like It Here, and get your gift on right over here. But stay tuned - more news from our favorite Pups coming this week. 

Shofukan - Snarky puppy

2014 Countdown - Underground system

This one came to us from the hotspot of Brooklyn NY. Underground System is a culturally diverse mix of people and sound, taking afrobeat, Baile funk, and emceeing and twisting a renowned international folk song (Bella Ciao) into a driving dance beat. They're the first shot in a growing movement we like to call trans-global music, representing the diffuse elements of the world. Their Ropeadope debut, Bella Ciao, is right here for your listening pleasure, and here's a little remix treat for your next party. dig.

Bella Ciao