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A very good year

Stand Strong is the mantra here at Ropeadope, and 2016 has tested us again and again. Storm clouds are swirling all around the door, and quite seriously it knocks us back - for a moment. But Stand Strong we MUST as we work hard each day to get our hearts and minds into a positive space. How? With the MUSIC and the people who make it. We've released 59 records this year, all gems from people who are committed to quality and innovation. We’ll be counting down the best of the best starting tomorrow - in the meantime drop in here and take a look at the music Ropeadope artists have brought to the world in 2016.  

Ladies Night

Artists First Records brings us the new album from Philly based rapper STS (Sugar Tongue Slim). Following up on his collab with RJD2, Slim delivers LADIES NIGHT, a self-described 'night at the club' in the vein of The Roots and Mos Def. The album features appearances from the likes of Terrace Martin, Chill Moody, Torae, and more. Drop in right here for to stream and purchase. 

Think Of You - Terrace Martin

RAD TV Episode 4

The Art. Of Cool

People People People! Get your travel plans in order as we head to The Art Of Cool Festival next spring in the hip town of Durham North Carolina. We'll be there in force as Matt Stevens, Christian Scott, Terrace Martin & The Polly Seeds, RC & The Gritz, Shaun Martin, and Robert Searight's SPUTNIK drop in for a no-holds barred musical journey. Stay tuned here for details on the Ropeadope afterparty, and drop in right here to get the full festival lineup and the VIP experience. 


We are stoked to welcome Nate Smith to the Ropeadope family! When Nate picks up the sticks, people pay attention. When Nate Smith brings out his debut album with the likes of Kris Bowers, Jeremy Most, Amma Whatt, Lionel Loueke, and Gretchen Parlato (among many others), the whole world pays attention. KINFOLK is a stoy of Nate's musical family and journey, with fascinating interludes from his parents framing the music. It feels like his story, but it hits a very common, personal spot. Check the first single here, and stay tuned as KINFOLK unfolds. 

best R&B Album!

We're beaming with pride here as Terrace Martin's Velvet Portraits snags a Grammy nomination for best R&B Album! When Terrace told us the world needs more good songs, we believed him and watched as he created an album that was reminiscent of the great R&B albums of the past with a solid contemproary feel. We;'re thrilled for the band as well - Sput Searight, Curly Martin, Brandon Eugene Owens and all of the guests who appeared. And it's all just in time for the album to hit on vinyl - pick it up right here


Today marks the release of the first single from ESCAPER, the brand new baddest band in the land. Ropeadope alums Will Hanza, Jay Giacomazzo, and Adam Ahuja are joined by intense drummer Andrew Nesbitt and Sax man Johnny Butler for a purposeful blend of Rock, Jam, and Jazz that sounds like a set of intergalactic travelers surveying their lands with authority. The band name is deliberate - this music is designed to take you away from reality into the realm of possibility. Dig in right here (headphones reccommended).