Dallas Texas - drop in on RC & The Gritz tomorrow for an advance listening party of THE FEEL, the new full length LP from this stellar band. Rave reviews from the UK are coming in, and this is an intimate opportunity to be there first. The official Album Release Party happens on the 23rd at The Prophet Bar and happens to coincide with the 11 year celebration of RC's Jam Session. Drop in and cue up a couple of hot tracks from The FEEL right over here, step up to Itunes and preorder right over here

RC & The Gritz Live

tommasso Cappellato

From the constant force that is Mark de Clive-Lowe and his MASHIBEATS label comes Italian musician and producer Tommaso Cappellato. Tommaso is a one man journey through sound, moving across free-form Techno, Hip-Hop, and Jazz improvisation with ease and purpose. His new album AFOREMENTION is ready for the world, and will be released on November 4th everywhere. Stop in here to preview two tracks from the album and support both the artist and Mashibeats. 

Jesus On The Mainline

Portal Of Gold

The 4 Korners

From Atlanta GA come Clarence (TLee) Hill, James and Isaac Thompson, and Jerrod (JRod) Sullivan - THE 4 KORNERS. These cats are the real deal, with high energy sound that pays tribute to Chick Corea, Yellowjackets, and Dave Weckl while holding something sacred in the sound. The new 4 Korners album - PORTAL OF GOLD - is ready for worldwide release on October 28th, and it reads from start to finish like a story of life - the challenges, the triumphs, the energy of being here on planet Earth. Drop in here to stream some and support. 

RC & The Gritz

There is not enough room on the page to credit the great RC Williams. A founding father of the dynamic Dallas music scene, RC embodies the collaborative spirit that fosters musical growth and empowerment. The Gritz are often referred to as 'Erykah's band', but they are so much more - RC, Claudiia Melton, Braylon Lacy, Jah Born, Cleon Edwards and Taron Lockett are a force that shapes and defines a core sound spreading from Dallas to the world. Their new album - THE FEEL - hits in a few weeks and in our opinion it's the best yet. Drop in here to hear the first single and preorder this diverse album. 

Privacy Settings

Our favorite label in France - ONDE MUSIC -  brings us their next release from singer and songwriter YASMINE KYD. A gorgeous mix of styles, Yasmine's new album PRIVACY SETTINGS  explores the moving boundaries between privacy and exposure in the contemporary world. The band is tight, sending us scrambling for the credits to identify the players. Privacy Settings carries a decidedly hip and relaxed mood, creating an easy space to hear Yasmine's vocal style and message, and to inspire reflective daydreaming. Drop in here to listen and support. 

Paytone Records

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Paytone Records to the growing network of interdependent labels at Ropeadope. The home of trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton, Paytone Records will reissue five catalog titles from Nicholas - all available now in high quality audio and coming soon to streaming services worldwide. In preparation for the 2017 release of the new record, Afro-Caribbean Mixtape, Paytone dropped a gem on us for Indigienous Peoples Day titled THE EGYPTIAN SECOND LINE - a 15 minute reflection on Africans giving Africa back to herself. Check the track here, and support Paytone as they join forces with our growing movement. 

Michael Blake

The liner notes of Red Hook Soul tell the story - a positive dedication to both perfection of the musical craft and to the strength of the neighborhood. This record is not about pyrotechnics despite the incredible playing from the entire band - it's about a seasoned set of musicians down at the corner bar with a deep understanding of the roots of music and culture. The title track feels like an old friend, moving you down the road on the way to work at the shipyard. The rest speak of stops along the way, with a funky tribute to the great King Curtis right in the middle. Stop by here for the story, and support this seamlessy crafted piece of history.

The Polly Seeds

Dig this - Terrace Martin has a new band dubbed THE POLLY SEEDS and they're hitting the road for a tour of Europe next month. But not before they hit BRICfest in Brooklyn on October 15th. The Polly Seeds are Trevor Lawrence Jr on drums, Taber Gable on keys, and Brandon Eugene Owens on bass. Check the full story on the tour and upcoming news form our friends at Okayplayer. Then grab your passport and meet us there. 

Perdon (Beekman)