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Jazz FM awards

Jazz FM seasons the established jazz programming with a healthy dose of newcomers and progressive artists. DJs Chris Phillips and Jeff Young lead the charge for the new new, keeping the spirit of musical progress alive. The 2016 Jazz FM awards voting closes this week, with Christian Scott's STRETCH MUSIC facing some formidable competition for Album Of The Year. It's a democratic process, you can vote and we strongly suggest that you take this opportunity to show your support. Drop in here to cast your ballot, voting closes this Thursday!

Badge and talkalot

The name is a nod to DeNiro's line in The Untouchables - 'You're nothing but a lot of talk and a badge'. The music flows from Gilberto Caleffi - Italian by birth and now based in Barbados, influenced by DJ Shadow and enamored with funk. Spaghetti Blaster is the new album from Badge and Talkalot, and it's laced with heavy bass and electro-funk. But here's the catch; instead of following the norm Spaghetti Blaster has only female vocalists and no guitar or horns. The result is key driven, bass laden, dance music with soul. Drop in right here and pick it up.

Lost Signals

World traveler and seeker of social justice Jeremy Danneman is back, this time with the third album in his trilogy - LOST SIGNALS. Jeremy digs deep with themes of atonement, forgiveness, war, peace, and liberation on this one. Originally intended to include Rwandan Inanga player Sophie Nzayisenga, the project took a different turn when the US State Department denied Sophie's visa. Undeterred, Dannemann completed the project and eventually recorded new material with Sophie. Dig in to Lost Signals right here, and check out Jeremy's Parade Of One Foundation here.     

Is it me (or just the money)

Worlds On Fire

Meet the (Unity) Band

Tacuma Bradley’s Unity band has that SWING. It all starts with Will Slater on bass, bringing the groove as drummer Jeremy Noller gently drops in the mix but not in the WAY. Daniel Levine (Underground Horns) on trumpet with some smooth lines and interplay with Tacuma on sax. Add Nick Sanders on keys and the groove is complete, as MC Tavi Fields (who once played a muppet alongside Common) tells it on the mic. This is a band that knows how to chill - the interplay feels like a group of cool cats who grew up in the neighborhood. The kind of thing that just makes you feel cool. Get with the Joint Effort right here.  

Think Of You - Terrace Martin

Atlas (Light Blue Movers)

The best music gets better every time you hear it, and that is certainly the case with the ATLAS from Light Blue Movers. Each listen reveals a new layer of emotion, style, and message. Our early favorites are 'World's On Fire' featuring Stephanie McKay and 'Sernity' featuring Leyeux. We'll be unveiling new tracks all week, so drop in here and immerse yourself in Light Blue Movers.  

Money (Badge And Talkalot)

Journey To Golden

She gently urged us to Free Our Dreams on Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner Volume 1, and now Chantae Cann delivers her much anticipated debut album - JOURNEY TO GOLDEN. Her soothing vocal style is otherwordly and her message is clear - to bring beauty and truth to the world through music. Journey To Golden features compositions from Chantae and Jamie Portee, with guest appearances from the Pups and Anthony Dixon. This is a perfectly crafted album that blends soul and jazz in a beautful and unique style. CDs and high quality downloads are here. Itunes is over here.

Patiently Waiting

Last night Beats1 and Hot97 spinmaster Ebro premiered the next track from Terrace Martin's Velvet Portraits. PATIENTLY WAITING is a solid Soul track reminiscent of the greats, with LA's Uncle Chucc holding down the vocal vibe. Backing vocals courtesy of The Emotions (yes, from EWF). Adam Turchin and Terrace Martin bring the Bari and Alto Sax, with Curly Martin on drums. Marlon Williams on guitar, Brandon Eugene Owens on bass, Craig Brockman on the Wurli, and Chris Cadenhead on the Fender Rhodes. This is how songs WERE written and played, and they still ARE. Pre-order Velvet Portraits right here, and drop in on the Sounds Of Crenshaw right here for more surprises.