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speaker minds

Another gem coming at us out of Portland Oregon via FNBeats Galore! Portland native Randal Wyatt - emcee, community leader, and mentor - heads up this evolving collective that lays positive message on top of that solid Northwest party funk. The new jawn is titled GUMBO GROOVES, and features the soulful and funky keys of Mr. Tony Ozier. We love that positive groove in our Hip-Hop, from the Philly sounds of Burndown Allstars and Kuf Knotz to the Chicago style of Sidewalk Chalk - SPEAKER MINDS drops right into the mix with that distinct Portland vibe. Get loose right here

Grant Green Jr.

As the son of legendary jazz guitarist Grant Green (1931-1979), Grant Green Jr. was exposed to exceptional musicianship right from the start. Growing up in Detroit, Grant enjoyed a constant parade of jazz greats streaming through his living room. His neighbors included Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight, members of the Four Tops and the Temptations. Miles Davis was known to join impromptu jam sessions in their home. Grant Green Jr. has released music as part of the Godfathers Of Groove (w/Bernard Purdie), and is often seen as part of Col. Bruce Hampton's band, and now he's brought us his solo record, SOUL SCIENCE, recorded in Atlanta with Khari Cabral-Simmons and Daz-I-Kue. SOUL SCIENCE features Atlanta greats Nick Rosen, Julie Dexter, Jacob Deaton, Kevin Scott, and Duane Trucks, and is ready for your ears on February 12th. Drop in on GGJ right here and stay tuned!  

Ropeadope : LIVE

We've thrown off our vagabond shoes and are all cued up to make a big splash in New York City tonight as Ropeadope : LIVE kicks off the first in a series of shows for 2016. Rockwood Music Hall is the spot as we bring you a redonkulous lineup - Todd Clouser with dred scott, Jesse Fischer w/Takuya Kuroda, Ajoyo with Sarah Charles, and Christian Scott with Braxton Cook and Alexander Claffy. It's a family affair, with many Ropeadope artists and staff in attendance. Musical Exploration is the order of the day, come and join the family tonight!

Anna Farrow

From our fresh new label partners in the south of France - ONDE MUSIC - comes the debut album from songstress ANNA FARROW. Already picking up radio play on TSF Jazz and FIP in France, DAYS & MOODS is a subtle collection of songs that are reflective, positive, and dare we say - sexy. Pianist Ben Rando composed with Anna and adds a poignant piano counterbalance to Anna's bold style. Dig in right here for a full stream of the album, and snag it on itunes right over here

Arthur Vint & Associates

When you see Arthur Vint you can tell he is from Tucson, and when you hear his debut album - THROUGH THE BADLANDS - you can hear the depth of his love for the west. But make no mistake, Arthur is in New York now, and he has the band to prove it. Rich Perry, Jon Cowherd, and Tony Scherr are some of the 'Associates' that Arthur has assembled for this record, and the quality is clear. Through The Badlands reminds us a bit of Tin Hat Trio, but with a strong sense of jazz and rock throughout. We're already hearing great things about this one from those who KNOW, and we hope that you will like it too. Tune in right here to stay in touch, and stay tuned for preorder announcements this wek. 

Patrick Seraya

We continue our international flavor to kick off 2016 with a full length release from Patrick Seraya. CHANT D'ALLEGRESSE is a rich mix of sound witha wide variety of influences from around the globe. Patrick started in the Kinshasa area of Congo, traveling there before moving to the US and developing his unique style. The band - ZION CELEBRATE - is an all star cat of musicians from Mexcio, Africa, and Puerto Rico. CHANT D'ALLEGRESSE translates to 'Song Of Joy' or 'Song Of Praise', and you can hear Patrick's devotion to humanity (and divinity) throughout. This wonderful record comes to you from Ropeadope Family FNBEATSGALORE out of Portland Oregon, signaling the diversity of this emerging label. Step in right here and give Patrick some of your time - and support him by buying, or sharing the music with your friends. Release Date is 1/22/16. 

Through The Badlands

Celebrating 2015 - Freekbass

The great Bootsy Collins calls him ‘ The new spiritual warrior for the funk’. As a child he wanted to become a magician, and in many ways he has fulfilled that dream. Traveling the country with top hat and bass in hand, Freekbass works magic with The Bump Assembly. At once a peer of the likes of Bootsy, Buckethead, Mike Gordon, and Bernie Worrell AND a solid representative of his hometown of Cincinnati, Freekbass stands alone as a unique musical personality. Live The Connection right here.  

Freekbass (12/11/15)

Ropeadope LIVE at rockwood

We dig The Rockwood Music Hall, and next week we're setting up camp there for a very special Ropeadope event. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is joined by Jesse Fischer, AJOYO, and Todd Clouser with dred scott. Expect the lovely Sarah Elizabeth Charles as well. It all starts at 9 PM SHARP, in a concise presentation of the diversity and talent of the Ropeadope roster. Get the scoop right here, grab your tickets at for the early and late(r). See you there. 

Celebrating 2015 - ELIKEH

You know we have a thing for Afrobeat over here at the fake office, so when Elikeh hit us with the proposition of releasing their new EP - KONDONA - and upcoming full length we jumped at the chance. Driven by Massama Dogo, Elikeh has that subtle groove that brings the old and the new into your heart. Reviews came pouring in, from Global a Gogo to World Music Central as the EP hit the charts and top ten lists. We dig THIS track and cannot wait for the full length release.