Snarky Puppy’s Impulse! Debut

There comes a time when the kids grow up and move out of the house, and this is that time. As we send them off, we offer HUGE congratulations to Snarky Puppy on their debut release with the legendary Impulse! label. We at Ropeadope are thrilled that Michael League and the band have found such great success at such a difficult time in the music business, and we offer our appreciation and thanks for trusting us and fighting the good fight over the past 6 years here at Ropeadope. Their dedication, musicianship, and perservance are a beacon and a guiding path for all artists. Here at Ropeadope, the mission continues as we have always been and will always be a champion of the independent band looking for a solid road to stability. There are many hardworking and talented artists that need our help, and we’re keeping our sleeves rolled up to support them.

Who’s afraid of the avant garde?

This just in from Downbeat Mag - a glowing review of the debut release from Walking Distance (Neighborhood). '...these New Yorkers...make a strong impact and take inventive routes in the format of a chordless quartet'. We dig it too (of course!) and hope you'll drop in and take a listen for yourself. Pick it up on itunes or direct via bandcamp.

FNBeats Galore

Portland, Oregon. Home of trumpeter Farnell Newton and producer Tony Ozier. The next in the Ropeadope family of INTERdependent record labels is ready to roll as we cue up the new album from label founder Tony Ozier. 36 Flavas brings Tony's self described 'Doo Doo Funk' with Farnell Newton's signature sound and a guest appearance from SlimKid3 (Pharcyde). Fun, soulful, funky, a journey through inner and outer space. First up is the lead single, Funk'd Up, available for preorder now on Itunes. Stay tuned for more from Tony and FNBeats Galore. 

Lindsey Webster

In an age where everyone is trying so hard to be someone, Lindsey Webster just sails along as... herself. Her new single is out today on Atlanta Records, and it's a breezy and gentle track that highlights her effortless style and positive view of the world. The natural comparisons to Sade and Anita Baker abound. Lindsey's full length sophomore album, You Change, is due out on July 7. Stop in here and give the single some stars on itunes, and stay tuned for album preorder announcements. 

here comes sam reed

The cats at Jellowstone have brought us yet another incredible record, this time from RVA's soulful vocalist Sam Reed. Devonne Harris and the usual suspects back Sam on 'This Is Love', with the unusually progressive sound that sets the bar for all who follow. Get down. Get real. THIS IS LOVE. Support Sam on Itunes, or drop in and pick up the CD and high quality audio download right over here

Love Ain’t Free

Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz

Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz are the last performing group of an acapella Mexican slave song tradition, the Canto Cardenche. Fidel Elizalde, Antonio Valles, and Guadalupe Salazar comprise the group, performing traditional songs of love, despair, and the life of a campesino (rancher) dating back to the 19th Century. Today marks the international release of 'Un Amor Pendiente' - A first of its kind recording of a one of a kind tradition. This is music for, and from, the honest human experience.           

all the way royal

Get ready people - Mikeflo (Dead Prez) and Devon Lee are cooking up some serious ish down in Atlanta and are joining the Ropeadope family with their first EP, due on in early July. These cats have the style, the force, the voice, and the sound and it's gonna knock you back. Afropunk did an in-depth with flo and Devon, and dropped the track (Mr. President) last week. Dig the seamless Royal remixes right here for classic tracks done allthewayroyal

It’s time to get naughty

Tomorrow marks the drop of Out on A Limb, the second studio album from Naughty Professor. Unique interpretation is the norm here at Ropeadope, from DJ Logic through Snarky Puppy, and Naughty P are the next to push things forward. The roots of jazz are always in New Orleans, but travel the world in many different ways. Check this review from Music Fest News, catch this band live, and support the new release right over here

Leo Sidran X Charlie Hunter

Dig THIS. Leo caught up with Charlie Hunter at Rockwood last week and some very deep convrsation ensued, as well as the humorous exchange that we have come to expect from Charlie. He's a man who doesn't take himself seriously, but takes what he DOES very seriously. Leo's style is casual, but make no mistake he gets right into the zone and covers all of the questions we want asked. Check the podcast here, check the Atlanta Records release from Charlie & Dionne Farris here, and dig into the world of Leo Sidran right

naughty professor

We are proud to welcome this new group of six passionate and innovative young cats from New Orleans. Naughty P starts with a respectful nod to the tradition and feel of New Orleans, and adds, well, whatever they want. A bit of jazz improv here, some screaming guitar there, a little booty shakin funk right where it counts. Exactly what gets us going. The band just got off a heavy week at jazzfest, and are hitting the road, starting in Chicago for a Ropeadope throwdown with Spare Parts and bass legend Bill Dickens. Now that's how it's done. 

naughty Professor