Snarky Puppy Takes Over the world

The Pups are in top gear (as usual) as we swing into 2015, with Family Dinner Volume 2 slated for recording in New Orleans next month. The much anticipated second chapter will feature David Crosby, Jacob Collier, Charlie Hunter, Laura Mvula and more as the creative mind of Michael League takes us even higher. Snarky Puppy's most recent recording with The Metropole Orkestra will be released this spring on Impulse! Records, and very heartfelt congratulations are in order for the band that has worked it all from the ground UP. Stay tuned, they're just getting started folks.


This year is off to an amazing start over here at the fake offices. Shayna Steele and Walking Distance are on the (jazz) charts, with Nick Rosen and Fresh Cut Orchestra on deck. As we often do, we're dipping our toes back into the world of (jazz) Hip-Hop with new releases from Sidewalk Chalk and Philly's own Kuf Knotz. Add some soul from Rhonda Thomas and Farnell Newton over at Atlanta Records, and some serious musical madness from Jellowstone Records that bears the name KINGS. It's a wild ride, we hope you can keep up. Wanna stay connected? - sign up for email updates at the botom of this page.  

Nick Rosen on keys

With great pleasure we welcome Miami native Nick Rosen to the Ropeadope family. Nick is in demand, playing live or doing session work with the likes of Col. Bruce Hampton, Russell Gunn, Dionne Farris, Jennifer Holliday and more. His debut album, Step Into The Light, is aptly tited as Nick steps out on his own with a little help from guests Terreon Gully, Saunders Sermons, and Oteil Burbridge. The compositions are mysterious and delicate, which is not to say that they don't swing. Step Into The Light right here and support the vision. 

Tomb Of Isis - Nick Rosen

Ajoyo - Benskin

'I long for the day, My color, my kind, My gender, my race, Won't trouble your mind.' The clear voice of vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles begins Ajoyo's first single, Benskin, with this powerful and simple statement. Cameroonian rhythms lead the track, and jazz piano and horns move in like the music had been paired since the beginning of time. Tunisian (by way of Paris) Yacine Boulares demonstrates an ease of composition and style on the strongest debut we have seen in some time. Jump in here and grab the track, and support Ajoyo in the making of the full album right here.  

death of the cool

Twenty seven years ago Jazz legend J. J. Johnson stated 'Jazz is restless. It won't stay put and it never will.' For over 100 years this slippery art form has been evolving, twisting and turning musically and culturally. There are times where it settles in the public perception, and then there are times like these. Jazz is restless yet again, moving through another generation and searching for new ground. Walking Distance is part of that process, seeking to define 'home' in a world of constant motion. Their debut album adds just enough mayhem to the mix and brings it all back to a very personal neighborhood, just like that. Dig in and support Walking Distance right here.  

Willoughby Greene - Walking Distance

Vibration - Sidewalk Chalk

Ajoyo Wants You

We've heard a couple of tracks from Ajoyo, and that's all we need to figure out that Yacine Boulares will be delivering an incredible album. Check the video below to get the spirit of what the most prominent sax player in Tunisia is crafting here. Jump over to Indiegogo and reserve your copy, and if you have the means, we'd highly recommend that you snag the house concert right away.

Sidewalk Chalk X Ropeadope

You might have noticed the videos we dropped last week from Chicago's Sidewalk Chalk - Huffington Post certainly did. Yes, it's out - Sidewalk Chalk will drop their next record, Shoulder Season, right here on February 3. Compiled from seven live performances across the US, Shoulder Season signifies transition, a time in between two places, a feeling of expectation for what is to come. look for more videos to hit each week, and preorder the full Cd and DVD package right over here.    

Them, Us - Sidewalk Chalk

Loose Cannon - Spare Parts