2014 countdown - The Funk Ark

Crisp guitar (and Bouzouki) intros backed by heavy (body moving) grooves mark the fourth album from The Funk Ark. Led by Antibalas member Will Rast, The Funk Ark takes afrobeat into new territory without losing the core. We're cueing up the album for our New Year's Eve playlist here at the fake office to celebrate the year, the sound, and the musical precision and dedication. Jump right in here and stream Man Is A Monster, and please support by picking up a copy, sending a gift, or simply sharing the news. 

The Funk Ark has landed

2014 countdown - Banda magda

The ever prolific GroundUP imprint delivered this exotic gem of a record from Magda Giannikou and Banda Magda. Yerakina is a delightful excursion from France to Brazil, through Latin America and back to Greece. Magda's charm comes through on every track, and we are left with a profound sense of joy and adventure. Start right here to get in the spirit and then drop in over here to connect with the growing Banda Magda family.

Sabia - Banda Magda

2014 countdown - lars bartkuhn

If you go back and revisit ONE album from our 2014 releases, let this be the one. The quality and sophistication of Passion Dance Orchestra reveals itself upon repeated listening, like all great music does. Lars Bartkuhn already has a legendary career in ther house music world, and has delivered a finely crafted full length LP that sails through sublime jazz compositions with ease. Take a look at the rehearsals over here, and jump in here and support Lars right over here.

Zenrock - Lars Bartkuhn

Happy Holidays To All

In this holiday season we have found people connecting in great numbers in a more personal way than ever before. For our part, Ropeadope as a company of humans would like to send out a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the musicians who have labored with joy and purpose to express themselves and the world around them through their art. We would love to list them all here, because each and every one is so important to the greater good - the bandleaders, the bandmembers, the composers, the guests who show up with their instrument for even the smallest of parts. And all of those who support the artists, who give up the stable path because they believe in the art. Finally, as we end this incredible year, we MUST send our special appreciation for Michael League and the entire cast of dedicated humans from Snarky Puppy for blazing a new and exciting trail. The future seems quite a bit brighter because of you.  

2014 countdown - A love electric

Todd Clouser returns to Ropeadope with his fourth album, Son Of A Hero, featuring John Medeski and A Love Electric bandmates Aaron Cruz and Hernan Hecht. A powerful mix of jazz and rock, the album delivers Todd's view of life in the shadow of his musical predecessors and his comfort in owning that space. Driving tracks like 'Be The Evolution' and '2100' show the artist's thoughtful reflection on the state of our world and the positive forward motion that must be attained. Dig in right here and support a man on a mission. Look for big things from Todd in his home base of Mexico City in 2015.

Be The Evolution

2014 countdown - adam & kizzie

Jonathan Scales hipped us to the OKC duo of Adam & Kizzie. Deeply spiritual with a bright and energetic perspective on the music of this world, Adam & Kizzie's second album - The Book Of EEDO Vol 2 -  dropped this fall. Define it? We haven't been able to yet - Jazz, Hip-Hop, Gospel, all of the above and then some. Step on up right here and get a taste, and on this day before Christmas send a little gift of creativity to your friends. 

Train - adam & Kizzie

2014 countdown - raja Kassis

Guitarist for Antibalas and Blitz The Ambassador, Beirut born Raja Kassis is a positive force for awareness and progress. His debut recording, HumanBeing, is world slash jazz slash rock music that tells a story of the power and the glory of humankind on planet earth. Raja assembled an allstar crew of musicians from Mbalax to reggae and delivers it all with a vision of the new blend of transglobal sound. Check the album and support the vision and dedication right over here.