The Funk Ark has landed

The New Music Business

In the last 9 months we have had 5 releases hit # 1 on itunes genre charts, 2 more in the top ten, and 4 more in the top 50. We are incredibly proud of the artists that work so hard to make real music, and we are just as proud of you - the fans that keep the fires burning. THIS is the new music business, human to human.

DJ Harrison - Stashboxxx (Jellowstone)

A Love Electric

We've been in (electric) love with Todd Clouser since his Ropeadope debut, and are more than thrilled to announce his return to the mothership with a new record from A Love Electric. The band is Todd Clouser, Aaron Cruz, and Hernan Hecht, and they've been tearing up Mexico and the world with a blistering mix of psychedelic rock, introspective song, and downrown scene jazz. Add to the mix one John Medeski, the FIRST Ropeadope alum, and we have a powerful release titled 'Son Of A Hero', due out on September 16. Look for the trio to tour with Mr. Medeski in late August. Be The Evolution

malika tirolien & snarky puppy - Sew

Itunes Charts

Love Supreme Collective hit the Itunes charts this weekend, peaking at # 3 - and it isn't even released yet! We can tell this one is hot, and we send a huge thanks out to all of the fans who have supported the project so far. You can jump in right here and give it some stars, write a review, or pick up your copy. Drop in on Frank right here and share it with your friends. 

Those who know, know.

We at Ropeadope have the great fortune to be able to peer into the deepest wells of music creation around the world. For the last six months we’ve had the pleasure of ongoing dialogue with Lars Bartkuhn, the creative force behind the German House collective ,NEEDS”. Lars has been navigating the deep waters of the more intricate side of the genre for many years, bringing influences of jazz, Brazilian music, soul, and funk into house music. In an age where artists drop records overnight, Lars has spent three years creating his new work - PASSION DANCE ORCHESTRA. We're gearing up for a September 23 release, so stay tuned. In the meantime, dig this.    

Raja Kassis - Mbeuguel

Mbeuguel is simply the word for LOVE in Dakar, Senegal's predominant language Wolof. Today we drop the song of the same name from Raja Kassis. Mbeuguel is in a style of music called Mbalax, the most popular dance music of the Wolof people of Senegal (made famous worldwide by its king Youssou Ndour). More specifically the track is a style affectionately referred to within the Mbalax idiom as "Pur et Dur" (Pure and tough), with a nod to the old school in its production - particularly with the organic horns and the live performance (recorded on the first take without a click). History aside, it's just beautiful.  

Watch Your Step

The Transfiguration

Love Supreme Collective

Love Supreme Collective is Frank Catalano’s response to Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’. The band is formidable - drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins) proves his jazz roots while Chris Poland (Megadeth) shows his versatility. Add bassist Percy Jones (Soft Machine) and keyboardist Adam Benjamin (Kneebody) and a diverse supergroup is born. Four tracks that represent a commitment to jazz and the masters, the EP is a preview of what is to come on Frank’s upcoming LP, due out in early 2015.  

Frank Catalano Live