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Karikatura Live In Europe (2011)

Marlbank Review

"...The crackles at the beginning of the initially elegiac ‘Prayer’ have an appealing vintage authenticity the track wading deep into balmy Blue Note waters, de Clive-Lowe, like so many dance floor jazzers, immersing himself convincingly in these lively currents that are still inspiring a new open minded jazz-dance generation in different ways down the years. The infectious opening to ‘Imam’ sees the drummer break loose, while the Ornettian rewrite in the opening melody of ‘Sun Up, Sun Down’, like a broken beat-ified ‘Lonely Woman’, is very clever and one of the catchiest tracks with a flood of rhythm pouring through and some astute production. An album that refuses to stand still stylistically or rhythmically." Read it all here.      


A little background on Karikatura, with Ryan Acquaotta's vocal talents shining...

Time for church

Mark de Clive-Lowe's 11 th release drops today, and it's everything you'd expect from a man who has dedicated his life to spontaneous music creation. Composed on the spot and performed live around the world, Church is like wandering exotic city streets and feeling right at home. Share in the journey, track by track, at mdcl's home. Drop in and experience right over here. Visit those who know and join the family right over here.

now dig this.

We love music, we love independent music, and we we love it when Ropeadope artists get awards. All of those things are happening right now as Russ Kaplan has been nominated in 2 categories of the IMA's. The Ulysses Cycle for best concept album (which of course it really is), and 'Pigz In Space' for best funk/fusion song. We could not agree more, and we're all headed over to the IMA's to vote - won't you join us? 

Karikatura release show

Mark those calendars, Karikatura is gonna throw down in NYC on Sunday June 1 at Bowery Electric. Also appearing are Los Hacheros and DJ Cristo Selectah. Jump right over here and be one of the first 20 to get tix and you'll get a free copy of their upcoming release, Eyes Wide'. 

Transglobal sound

People of the world - it's time we stopped calling music from other places 'World Music'. There is a current of transglobal sound moving around the planet, as humans become more and more connected. Karikatura is part of that current - they live where cumbia meets hip-hop, reggae meets klezmer and indie-rock meets afrobeat. Neither purist nor revivalist, this is music of the present, for the future. Conceived by Ukrainian born and BK bred Dima Kay, the band is a collection of upstart road warriors who have traveled the world making music at festivals and subways alike: soulful singer Ryan Acquaotta, bassist Eric Legaspi, woodwinds maestro Joe Wilson, drummer Morgan Greenstreet, and brass-blaster Ric Becker. We are happy to help them lead the charge to the new new sound that has no boundaries. Their new record, Eyes Wide, drops on June 3.     

One world

One man proves that music is a true uniting force for all people; Mark de Clive-Lowe heads back to the US today after a 12 day tour around the whole damn planet! The last stop is LA for a two night record launch throwdown at The Blue Whale with a killer lineup that includes Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Nia Andrews, J.Sole and J. Rocc. Get ut and see why the LA Weekly says 'If Duke Ellington had been a DJ, this might be what he would have done.' MdCL's new record, Church, drops Tuesday worldwide - dig in right here.    

MK Groove Orchestra

Michael Kammers is a modern day composer who hears the world and shapes grand compositions through his musical prism. He has his influences, but there is more going on here - this is truly unique creation that is a testament to pure art. Since December of last year, Michael has delivered three records to us, and each one is better than the last. Support Michael's art by sharing, liking, or dare we say it, buying the latest release.


You may have seen this little writeup in the New York Times about the revival of the great jazz label, Impulse. It seems the times they are a changin (back) in jazz these days, and we could not be more thrilled that Ropeadope alum Mr Steven Bernstein is right there in the middle of it (of course!). Henry Butler and Mr. Bernstein released their new record this week on Impulse, and its hot. The story is here, the band is here, and the record is riiiight over here. Support the revival of the greatest music in the land. 

Jamband Sweet pt 1