The folks over at Big Shot Mag dropped this gem today from the upcoming Mark de Clive-Lowe release, Church. We're gearing up over here for this one as MdCL heads out on the road to premiere the album live around the world. Get up with the tour dates right here and be among the first to hear it all. Check the full tour schedule right here, and drop in on MdCL and say hello on the book of faces

Mike Nagoda Release show

Our most inspiring dude of the year award goes to Toronto's Mike Nagoda, who with great presence pushed past the supposed limitations of his cerebral palsy and learned an entirely new way to play the guitar. Mike's release show happens this  Saturday night at Rancho Relaxo, so head on out and support. In the meantime, check Mike's series on how to play the double slide right over on the youtubes

these things happened

There's a wave coming, rising up from the depths and breaking clean towards the shore. Real music is on the way (it never left!) and getting the attention it deserves. Ropeadope alum Steven Bernstein hit the New York Times last week as part of the Impulse! resurrection, while our newest star Nicky Egan continues to shine with ASCAP performances in LA. Label Who? artist Devonne Harris hit the pages of NPR with Butcher Brown's appearance at The Art of Cool Festival, our avant-grass heroes Cabinet land a slot at Lockn, while our rockstar Ropeadope alum Nick Bockrath lands a steady job. Congrats to all, and a huge thanks for carrying the torch all this time. 

About Parliament

Made A fool Of Me

mad science

Tortures, Major 6th and Dominant 7th Chords

all around the world

Once again, those lovable Pups have amazed us all and recorded and filmed an entire album with the world renowned Metropole Orchestra, all in white clothing. Euro fans rejoice, the tour resumes with thirty dates across Europe before the prodigious pups return to the US for summer tour. Get the dates here, get your tickets early, and get on board with all of the recordings (so far) right over here.


JJ X Bonafide

Bona Fide

Jneiro Jarel is in the studio, deep in the creative process and preparing to drop new music via Label Who?. Check this feature and exclusive mix he did for Bonafide Magazine - deep, otherworldly (of course), and soaked in heavy beats. We've been waiting to hear what's going on in there, and he casually drops a new track, Landed, in the middle of the mix. Genius.

introducing: mike nagoda

Unable to play guitar because of his disability of Cerebral Palsy, Mike Nagoda was determined to find a way to express himself on the instrument he loved. Originally trained on classical piano from the age of six, it was a struggle to even find a teacher who’d take him on. Enter the double slide, created by Mike's friend and mentor Brian Cober. A second slide, placed on the thumb and able to cover two extra strings, allows the guitarist to play advanced chords. The result is an incredible mix of blues, jazz, even country and hard rock. Mike's release party is in Toronto on May 3rd, and the new album drops right here on May 6. We have nothing but respect for this man who has overcome such adversity, for the love of music. Play on, Mike.