NICKY EGAN “Just Fine” B-sides LIVE from the Gibson Showroom

Col Bruce in NYC

live music in philly & New York

We're cleaning up the fake offices as we await the arrival of Cody, Phill, and Jonathan of Jonathan Scales Fourchestra. They'll be signing some of the new CDs and heading over to Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philly for a bill with The Eric Wortham Trio. Then it's off to New York to meet up with Col Bruce Hampton as we prepare for the Saturday night throwdown with the Colonel, Lew Soloff, and guitar prodigy Brandon Neiderauer at BB Kings. Come on out and join us, won't you?

Philly Soul

The City Of Brotherly love is often overlooked, but never should be when it comes to soul music. Case in point, the sublime new sounds of Nicky Egan. Diffuser says 'There's an emotive break in the songstress' voice that tells listeners she's been feeling what she's been writing for about a million years'. We agree. Nicky's record, The 45 Homestead project, drops right here on April 1, but you can get an early listen and preorder right over here.

Nicky Egan - I tried

col bruce who?

FIFTY years in the music business. Friend of Duane Allman, Frank Zappa, Hubert Sumlin, and Billy Bob Thornton. Mentor and father figure to Derek and Susan, Mike Gordon, John Popper, and and others too numerous to mention. The man who met four presidents. An actor who has appeared in Sling Blade AND Space Ghost. And the creator of music that we all have yet to understand. Wander over to this spot and see the trailer for the full length film about '...the Vincent Van Gogh of rock and roll music'. Cue it up and watch it tonight through Vimeo on demand, or pick up the DVD with bonus material right here. (photo by Dino Perrucci)  

Ropeadope X Mdcl X mashibeats

We're thrilled to announce that musician, composer, and producer Mark de Clive-Lowe is taking up residence right here at Ropeadope. We meet at the intersection of creation and experience, where all genres flow, and MdCL is a master of musical exploration. Look for MdCL's new project Church in May 2014, and a stream of new music from the Mashibeats label. Get up with the man right here, and stay tuned.  

Basically Frightened

Video Premiere from Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Col Bruce in NYC

We're closing up the fake office next week and heading to NY as Col Bruce hits BB Kings. Jambase put it like this - 'Seeing the legendary Col. Bruce in the Big Apple is a rare thing for showgoers, but he reliably turns up at this time of year. Count on him making an appearance with the Brothers earlier in the evening, but also count on this show being a rager – not only because it’s the Colonel, but because this is the after- party to the last night of the possibly-final Beacon run. The mood will be bittersweet and cathartic.' We agree.    

Studio BPM Outtakes


Ajoyo means ‘celebration of joy’ in the Yoruba language. The moment we set eyes and ears on the music created and performed by Yacine Boulares and his truly worldwide band of players, we felt that joy. It’s time to call world music just music and accept that we are one world now - Ajoyo includes musicians from Tunisia, California, New Orleans, Germany, Israel, Cameroon and of course, New York. Take a moment, would you please, and see what humans without borders create. See them here, and like them here.