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adam smale has the blues

Adam Smale's US debut, Out Of The Blue, hits next Tuesday March 4th worldwide. The reviews are coming in, with praise like 'Smale pays attention to Eddie van Halen and other mega-talented axehandlers, so that just-outside-of-jazz inflection and even occasionally fusiony vibe you hear every so often has interesting roots'. We've been enjoying this wonderful record and we're stoked to unveil it to you later this week, so stay tuned. To learn more about Adam, jump on over to his facebook page or check out a track from the release right here.    

We respect music

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Hits the road

Spring is on the way folks, and if you're lucky enough to be in the south right now you get it a little sooner than the rest. Its time to shake off those winter blues and get out to see some live music. Our steel pan virtuoso is out on the road with the baddest bass player in the land (Cody Wright) and the happiest drummer we know (Phill Bronson). Together they make up the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, and they will drive the winter demons straight out of your system. Get up with the dates right here, get some steel pan sound and vision right over here. Oh, and tell the band we love them.


A little while back the great Philip Lassiter did an album with a host of noted guests, from Roy Wooten to Sput Searight to Bobby Sparks. On the record were some up and coming cats who have since made a big name for themselves - Michael League, Wes Stephenson, Nate Werth, Mark Lettieri. This is a serious funk record from the Dallas scene, and it's out today on GroundUP/Ropeadope for your listening pleasure. Support the hardest working men in the biz as we prepare for Philip Lassiter's new record due out in April.


Afrobeat (R)evolution

In 2004 we released the Antibalas record, Who Is This America?, helping to revise the definition of Afrobeat for the new milennium. WITA is now widely considered a classic Afrobeat staple, and now we're continuing the Ropeadope way of challenging the genre with new artists who are rooted there but have new ideas. First up is Underground System - with the single Bella Ciao out last month and more new music to come. Summer 2014 will also see new music from The Funk Ark, led by Antibalas member Will Rast. And there's more, but we can't tell you yet. Stay Tuned. 

7 string guitar

Ropeadope artist Adam Smale is getting love for his signature style on 7 string guitar - just take a look at the reviews here and here, and get ready for Downbeat's take in the April issue. You can catch Adam live in NYC, and take an early listen to a track right over here. Album drops March 4 th. 

we like it here

Fresh off their Grammy win, Snarky Puppy just can't and won't stop as they drop their latest release - We Like It Here - on 2/25. Recorded live at Kytopia Studios in Utrecht, Holland, the record captures the band its most explorative point in its career, in both composition and improvisation. This is Snarky Puppy right before the whole world found out about them, and the praise is rolling in from all quarters. Grab it now on presale in the Ropeadope store, or if downloads are your thing grab it right here.          

adam Smale

“Standing strong in the field of Jazz” is Pat Martino's comment on Toronto native Adam Smale. After 15 years of playing around the world Adam is releasing his US debut, Out Of The Blue, right here at Ropeadope. The record drops on March 4th, and we're already getting amazing reviews from Europe and US jazz critics and DJs. Check out Adam's story right here, including shots of his personally designed 7 string guitar. get an early listen right here.      

i’ll fall for you

These are the days of advertising and music, and its a fine line for a musician to walk while balancing the need to eat with the need to create. But now and then a gem comes through - check the way Lucchese Boots decided to advertise using a short film on the internet, with a song from our very own Jordan Hull at the end to bring it all home. The Dash & The Dog - We like it. Check out more Jordan Hull songs right here.