H2H is the new B2C

As we roll towards our 15 th year we're all fired up about the new frontier - H2H. You've heard of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer), but Ropeadope has always been H2H (human to human). We're lining up music from so many great artists - Snarky Puppy, Underground System, Col Bruce Hampton, Adam Smale, Mike Nagoda, Phillip Lassiter, Michael Kammers, Nicky Egan, Greg Hester, The Funk Ark, Lars Bartkuhn, Yacine Boulares, Kuf Knotz, HUW, and more, delivered to you via the interwebs, Human To Human.

ropeadope winter weekend

Tomorrow night - NYC finds Dana Lyn joining Vincent D'Onofrio for Slim Bone Head Volt, and if you time it right you might catch Banda Magda at Rockwood.   And the prodigal Pups return from their Grammy win to throw down at The Jefferson Center in Roanoke VA.   Chicago, get down with Spare Parts on Saturday night for their record release party with JFJO.  

swingin party

Keep that black tie on, as one party ends another begins and now it's time to get down with the sleek sounds of 35mm. Throw your bags in the back seat of your Aston Martin convertible and travel the world with Claude Nine and Fumihito Sugawara. Surf Rock, Tango, Bossa Nova - it's all there on tomorrow's release. Shake that martini and jump in right here.

Turn up

Grammy winners

A HUGE congratulations to Snarky Puppy and Lalah Hathaway for their Grammy win tonight!! Their win is the big story, but behind the scenes are all of the fans that have supported this band over the years, and the Grammy voting members who put this band in the spotlight with their votes. We couldn't be happier right now as we watch all of this unfold. 

Your Grammy’s not your grandma

Well folks, it's time. In two days we will all be glued to our tv here at the fake offices to see if Snarky Puppy and Lalah Hathaway can score that KO and snag the Grammy for Best R & B Performance. We wish Lalah and the pups the very best of luck, and most of all we hope they bring it home to reward you for supporting this incredible band over the years. And for those of you who have just discovered Snarky Puppy, jump in right here to see the videos, or right here to hear and buy the music.

Melvin Van Peebles widLaxative

PHILLY people - check this out now and get on it. Melvin Van Peebles in town on February 8 with members of Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Jared Nickerson and Ropeadope have had a long distance love affair for a very long time, and we're stoked that he will be joined by Michael Kammers for this event. It all goes down at Johnny Brenda's, read up here and grab those tickets right here.


HUW - Reflections Vol19. A Solid Selection of Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul and Breaks from Ropeadope Records by Huw on Mixcloud

This from our UK buddies HUW as we head into Grammy weekend... Thanks fellas.

underground System

We're making space for the dance floor here at the fake offices in preparation for the undergound invasion. Underground System has been shaking booties in Brooklyn and beyond since 2010, and it's about time we had some serious dance music up in here. A truly multi cultural (and gender) band, Underground System starts with a familiar afrobeat sound and then makes it their own. Get up (and get down) with their sound right here while we get ready to drop their new single, Bella Ciao, on February 4. Bet you can't stand still.

slim bone head volt

Check this  - Sharp, scary, funny, inviting prose poems, presented with live music, featuring Vincent D'Onofrio (vox), Dana Lyn (piano, violin), Peter Hess (alto & baritone sax, flute), Geoff Kraly (bass), Michael McGinnis (clarinet and tenor sax), Kyle Sanna (guitar) and Vinnie Sperrazza (drums). Dana Lyn continues to intrigue and amaze us. It's all happening at Joes' Pub in NYC. Check Dana Lyn's recent Ropeadope release right here.  

Jonathan Scales is a bad man

It's good to revisit the past to inform the future. Here's a telling review of Jonathan Scales from November 2009 that states 'Catch him while he is still in reach of the masses'. We agree, and are watching Jonathan move ahead as the band gets ready to record their next record. Tune in right here , and check the upcoming tour dates right over here.

Fumihito is funky at noon

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