2013 - A (Ropea)dope year

Well, that's it folks - all the news from 2013. As we reflect on the year we have to say it was one of the best. It's like somone just opened up the pipeline for great music to flow and reach the world. A huge THANK YOU to all of the artists that not only tap into the creative stream but work relentlessly to bring it to us and the people. We at Ropeadope are thrilled to be right in the middle of this flow, and we look forward to the next year of connection. And for all of you who listen, share, buy, and see live music - know that you are keeping it real by supporting these beautiful humans. See ya in the 14. 

2013 recap - JJ Burton

One of the highlights of the year was the return of Ropeadope alum Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Whodat?, this time resurrecting Label Who with a new release from JJ Burton. The band features Scott Burton of Glows In The Dark, Reginald Pace (Bon Iver) and Devonne Harris (DJ Harrison). Their debut single, Ohh Bay!!! dropped on August 7 th, with shows in Richmond drawing attention. Meanwhile in New Orleans, One Man & The V.E. launched the Viberian Experience - A monthly residency at Gasagasa starting a new era of New Orleans based beats and experimental music. Check JJ Burton right here, stay up on Label Who? right here, and get down with the V.E. over here.

2013 recap - MK Groove Orchestra

Michael Kammers - the veteran New York jazz innovator, whose mere presence makes us wonder why we didn't get on board back in the beginning. Well, we're making up for lost time, releasing his entire back catalog on Ropeadope and plotting his world takeover. First up this year was the more than proper Bad Brains - a B side single that kills. Next is the first of two EP's - Live At Studio BPM Vol 1, with haunting grooves and complex big band arrangements. Take it all in right here as you end the year.

2013 recap - Black Gold 360 & Fumihito Sugawara

Connection is what we are all about, so when two of our artists semi-secretly collaborated via the internet to create a new record we got a warm and fuzzy feeling. Simon Sixsmith kicked us off back in the Ropeadope Digital days with Black Gold 360, and the musically restless Fumi-Hito delivered two eclectic and fluid records over the years. 20 Country Love Songs delves into some traditional sounds and quickly darts into the future. This is one of those records that will take years to fully understand. Check it, share it, support transglobal collaboration right here.

2013 Recap - Rich Mystics

this year brought not one but two EP's from Philly's own Rich Mystics. We've been in touch with rock star Nick Bockrath since his Bodega days, and were thrilled to hear these tracks from the mind and pen of Barney Cortez. Rich Mystics is sort of a side project from the ever popular Nico's Gun, and the sound is completely unique and retro all at once. Big things are happening for these cats, from writing and jamming with a host of major acts to TV and tour spots with Cage The Elephant. Check out the sounds right here.

2013 recap - Dana Lyn

Aqualude. A story of the sea. Intriguing. deep. complex. beautiful. When a record does not fit any genre at all, it often arrives at Ropeadope. Dana Lyn's Aqualude topped them all - Yeti Crabs, Octopi, chamber music with drums from a master of irish fiddle. So, based on trust of the artist's creative process we dove right in. The best music gets better with each listen, and Aqualude does exactly that. It's a joy to hear from the top tastemakers in the Ropeadope family as they rave about this record. Spend some time under the sea right here, and send some props to the creator by sharing the music or adding it to your collection.

2013 Recap - Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner

In 2010 Snarky Puppy and Ropeadope joined forces for The Pups first CD/DVD combo, 'Tell Your Friends'. The drive, the innovation, the sheer positive energy of the band signaled a sea change as the music presumed intelligence on the part of the audience. 2012's 'GroundUP' picked up the momentum as the label of the same name was announced with Michael League at the helm. And for the trifecta, Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner took the music to a new level, with millions of youtube views, a #1 spot on Itunes jazz, and a Grammy nomination alongside major label names. this is the music of the people, for the people, by the people. Stream it, Try it, Watch it, Buy it.    

2013 recap - Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Sometimes the truth takes a minute to hit you. We almost slept on this band, and man are we glad we woke up just in time. Jonathan Scales Fourchestra is easily the freshest thing we've heard in a while, and the band members just knock us back they're so damn hip. Jonathan's energy, dedication, and delicately intricate compositions give the listener new discoveries with every play. Phill Bronson just IS the beat, and Cody Wright is the most exciting bass player to be seen on the scene. There's a reason why those who know welcome these cats - from The Wooten Brothers to Bela Fleck to Snarky Puppy. We're looking forward to more in the coming years, but for now just get over here and show them some love.    

2013 recap - akashic record

As the summer kicked off Ropeadope was treated to the third studio album from Boston's Akashic Record. Beau Sasser, Jared Sims, and Brian Thomas are joined by the great Alan Evans (Soulive) for this funky and soulful jaunt through 60's and 70's Hammond driven grooves.  Steve Fell and Peter McLean round out the group - tight and loose all at the same time. Dig the sound right here.    

2013 Recap - Analog Attention

This one came our way and we had to jump in. A fresh set of jazz musicians from Moscow Russia with a host of diverse musical influences, Analog Attention is the creative vessel for Max Shcherbakov from the Moscow College of Improvisational Music. Who knew there was a thriving jazz scene in Moscow? We're looking forward to more from these cats in the years to come. Dig in right here and share the experience. 

2013 Recap - Big Fun 3.2

Ropeadope alum Bruce Cohen returned in 2013 with a reformed trio and a new album - Big Fun 3.2. Joining Bruce are two new players Peter "Babe" Lucas on guitar and Tony Foster on drums, and the groove is heavier yet more melodic. Bruce sets a moody vibe on the Hammond organ, giving the record a dense, almost subterranean feel.   

2013 Recap - Russ Kaplan + 7

This is the album that changed everything for Ropeadope in 2013. Russ Kaplan came to us with The Ulysses Cycle - a REAL concept album that tells the story of Ulysses, musically and graphically. With art and a narrative for every song, The Ulysses Cycle was clearly more than just another record, it forced us into a more creative presentation for release. The project fast became a favorite for fans and critics alike, with more than a few hot tracks that stand alone and together. Follow the story right here on Tumblr, and jump in right here and support the creative mind of Russ Kaplan. We look forward to a day when every project has this level of creative storytelling.