Free Your Dreams

Universal Drug

Out Of Body

MK X Felabration

  Check Michael Kammers on sax with OkayAfrica's Felabration Live. 

Jneiro Jarel Australia

Red Bull Music Academy interviews jneiro Jarel as he heads to Australia for 7 dates from Auckland to Sydney. Jneiro talks about 'home', Treme, and his ongoing work right here. And for NOLA folks, don't miss the Viberian Experience at Gasagasa before the man heads across them world. Wednesday 10/30 at 8 PM .    

Kuf Knotz X Joe Miller

Eddie green

What do we all have in common? LOVE, and in this case love for our fathers. Check this beautiful track from Philly visionary Kuf Knotz as he relates the story of his father's death. Kuf has a way of being very open and personal, evoking the personal style of John Lennon and Bob Marley before him. Kuf is real -  a personality yes, but always a person. Video is right over here.

MK at Casper College

Michael and the Orchestra are lined up to play the Kinzer Jazz festival at Casper College in Wyoming. The band will preform and work with high school music students at the college. It all goes down in Februrary 2014, check details right here.

Kuf Knotz is a positive light

Ropeadope is thrilled to announce our new collab with Kuf knotz. Since back in the days of the Burndown Allstars, Kuf has been one of our favorite musicians as well as one of our favorite humans. Kuf brings love and positive energy wherever he goes, a welcome quality in the world of Hip-Hop. Check Kuf's amazing blog on life and health right here, and stay tuned for some beautiful music. 

Rich Mystics Releases TWO EPs

Next Tuesday marks the release of not one but two Rich Mystics EP's - Loverdose and Pastiche Soul Machine. Ethereal proto-psychedelic rock drifts from your speakers to your mind, as if Marc Bolan, Syd Barrett, David Bowie, and Prince are all floating by. Good music gets better every time you listen, and these records do exactly that. Get it, put it in your playlist, and you'll find yourself noticing every time a track comes up. 

Snarky Puppy feat. Tony Scherr

KING BRITT revisited

Check this new vid from NZ Rapper David Dallas - he took the King Britt version of Sister Gertrude Morgan's Runnin and showed the world what the music means to him. It is amazing to see music cross genres, cultures, and boundaries like this. Just goes to show that music goes where it will, and we must follow.