Family Dinner Presale

Here it is folks - Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner comes out on 9/24 and the presale is up now. Check the many options right here in the store, or if downloads are your thing head on over to the Pups store right here. For the Pups fans in the EU, we've got a handy store for you set up so you can get your ish faster. if you haven't seen or heard about this, you should get up (and get down) with the Pups right here.

Label Who X GasaGasa

New Orleans get ready - Jneiro Jarel brings Viberian Experience to GasaGasa every Wednesday night. It's all about Label Who, a creative vessel for artists to express and explore. The first event happens on 9/11 with an early screening of All Ears, with special guests AF THE NAYSAYER & Reagan Mitchell and more TBA. Stay tuned, and mark your calendars now.

Contortionist Ballet

Family Dinner Volume 1

As the hardest working pups in show business are getting ready to hit the road (again), we're cueing up the redonkulous Family Dinner Volume 1 - a CD/DVD combo that will make you sit up and take notice. Phenomenal performances from Lalah Hatahaway, Shatna Steele, Lucy Woodward and more, captured live with an intimate onstage audience. Stay tuned right here for presale announcement late this week, and a video of the performances released every week.

puppies in a box

It's just like that. When you think they're all settled down, they jump out. Snarky Puppy is 5 weeks away from releasing the crown jewel of their career, Snarky Puppy's Family Dinner. We've seen it, and we cried with joy. This rotating cast of amazing musicians is out on the road for a US tour in the fall, and then headed to Amsterdam to record yet another record. What a ride - tune in right here so you don't miss anything.


JJ Doom

Label Who?

Jneiro Jarel has been a busy man since he headed out on his own after his 2004 Ropeadope release, Three Piece Puzzle. From Willie Isz (with Khujo), to Shape Of Broad Minds, to JJ Doom (with MF Doom), JJ has been on a mind bending journey of musical exploration. And now, he's back with the Ropeadope fam and getting ready to drop all kinds of new music on us through Label Who. First up is JJ Burton, produced by JJ with avant jazz master Scott Burton, and the great Reginald Pace (Bon Iver). Check the first track over at Okayplayer, and stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for updates. It's like Fire Yo!!


Beck remix

the music never stops

its a great time in music history, as artists have more resources and information at their fingertips than ever before. We've been getting great submissions, and are lining up releases to finish out 2013 with a bang. A little funk from Chicago (Spare Parts), some classical from NY (Dana Lyn), Hip-Hop from Philly's own Kuf Knotz, and some out of this world jazz from the mind of a legendary Ropeadope alum. Stay tuned.