Head over to the ropeadope store where EVERYTHING IS 20% OFF - just enter the coupon code 'dailydope' and you're good to go on anything -music, cloothing....stuff.  And Louis just came back from the storage space and found tons of random old school gear that i put on special sale right here.  (I just picked up this redunkulous King Tubby Tee for my own self - nice!).  Not just dope...ROPEADOPE!  


In November, we shared"Retarded Fren", a collaborative track between DOOM and Radiohead's Thom York and Jonny Greenwood that appears on Complex,Lex Records' tenth anniversary compilation.   Turns out that's not DOOM's only appearance on the comp: he also teams up with ropeadope alum Jneiro Jarel to contribute "Rhymin' Slang", which TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek has remixed. Listen to it here.  (via Pitchfork).     


From our Cabinet family: "We are pleased to announce the release of THIS IS CABINET - COVERS. A gift to you. Our dedicated fans.  TIC - COVERS is a live collection of our favorite cover songs recorded over the course of two shows in February of 2011" From me: CLICK RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW to get this (free) set of redunkulous music that will make you oh so happy.    


Got this link from my boy Tony -  an unreleased track of the Stooges Brass Band performing the seasonal classic “This Christmas” - hope you enjoy a taste of some musical Holiday spirit in true NOLA style - get the track for free here.           


Street Art Utopia is a site dedicated to it's name and worth visiting often.  Now's a great time as they post their year end "best of street art" list - dig in deep right here


Somethings for the head:  this super-dope flex-fit ball cap has the flame embroidered to the side of the front, ropeadope name strong on back; the beanie is a meanie with ropeadope stitched in both sides (soooo cozy@); but the Fidel cap might be where it's at.  Get some hat for that head. Better off Dead


Four random things for you: (1) Fucked Up - David Comes To Life:Let Her Rest / Queen of Hearts in FULL right here ; (2)  The birth of Jesus as rapped and beatboxed by some very white folks in London over here (3) Cocaine-Blunts pimps their top 50 hip-hop tracks of 2011 over yonder;  and geez, if you're looking for a new band to love, to folllow, to love and to get loved back here in Philly i've loved Toy Soldiers for a while and they keep getting better every second. 1-2-3-4. Ramdom.   


Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Chassidic Jewish rapper guy that called himself Matisyahu is, ummmm, no longer Chassidic, and  released a beardless photo, with this statement saying “I am reclaiming myself.” On WNYC The (fake) reggae artist speaks about his new look, his upcoming Festival of Light performances, and his new “Miracle” EP…(don't beleive the hype).   Here at ropeadope we met Matt Miller while he was an acid-tripping Phish head, then he showed up one day as a Chassidic dude that wouldn't let me shake his hand (against his religion) and THEN our intern Aaron Bisman started JDUB records, signed Matisyahu, made him famous only to have Mr. Matisyahu dump Aaron for a big league label and manager after years of love and work.  You say Matisyahu I say FAKE FAKE FAKE. Knew it all the time, and now......he does too.  Support real reggae, Don't support Phony Rappers.