Hey DJ

Dudes, did you check out Turntable.fm yet? Don't sleep! It's awesome and incredibly lives up to the hype. Us lucky Americans get to have access to the beta startup right now, where you can create your own room and DJ for all your friends (or you can just listen to other DJ's). Check out some of the early adopters here. And hey...any brave Ropadopers got a station? Let us know!  


I need a total late pass for this one...Back in 2009, a documentary came out that told the story of the band Anvil. These dudes were supposed to be the next big band way back in the 1980's, but they never quite made it. Truly a real-life Spinal Tap. Check the documentary trailer here. Check the band post-documentary here.  

Ode to Otis

If you've been on the internet, the talk around the collaborative album "Watch the Throne" by hip hop super powers Jay-Z and Kanye West has been unavoidable. Most notably, the duo went head to head and traded raps on "Otis", a song that sampled a loop from Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness". Love the song, hate the song, whatever...but, you can't deny the power of Otis Redding - read the interesting history of the song here.  

Mad Legit

Over here at RAD, we love the freedom of the internet, but at the same time, we're always trying to make sure artists are being given something back. So, we were at least intrigued by Legitmix, a platform that allows musicians to legally put together remixes and DJ-style mixes. Check out their premier mix by none other than Diplo of Mad Decent, aptly titled "Mad Legit". Dig it.  

Video Picks

Just how there's some cool music floating around, there's some just as cool videos too.  Here are my favorites from this week so far.  The Beastie Boys (who just put out this ultra-awesome album here), put together this sweet action figure video here.  And also if you remember, The Roots, Jimmy Fallon and Justim Timberlake did a hilarious, yet killer "History of Hip Hop Routine" - check the new part two here.  Enjoy.

Eric’s Picks

Some cool new music floating around the web - here's what I've been diggin on so far this morning.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the monumental album Nevermind by Nirvanna, Spin Magazine put together this dope little compilation of cover versions of all the songs...it's a free download here.  And also, my favorite group from Sweden (and one of my favorites in general), Little Dragon, has their whole new album for stream right here.  As a bonus, check out some live footage of them here.  Dopeness.

Random Thought

Do you think astronauts eat shrooms or some shit when they're in the space? Kinda seems like a missed opportunity to me if they don't, ya know. Well, at least they get to rock to tunes, while floating around in orbit - check this article here.  

Guru of Guru

A few days ago marked the birthday of lyrical-great and hip hop legend Guru. And as you know, we sadly lost the famed emcee last year, but of course, his music will live on forever. So anyways, who else to make the best Guru tribute playlist than his partner in Gang Starr, DJ Premier? Check out Primo's expertly curated list here. RIP.