T-shirt season

We are now in t-shirt season and as always, Ropeadope got your back. This time, we partnered with the NPR show State of the Re:Union to bring you 8 designs throughout the year with some notable designers, all for charity. The project will coincide with the NPR air dates of the SOTRU radio show. First design is in the store! Check it here.    

Get Dumb High with dumhi

About a year or so ago, I shared with you all a project called 'The Jungle' by Philladelphia hip hop collective Dumhi, which was crafted entirely using Ethiopian jazz samples. Led by producer/mastermind Haj, the collective is back with a brand new album called the 'The Whole World's Watching'. For a limited time only, you can name your own price and cop the project right here.  

5 Random Things

It's Thursday, which means you're probably thinking about Friday, so here's some entertainment for you to power through to the weekend. Scientific breakdown of Radiohead here. A brief cartoon history of social networking here. Naked people here. 10 historical figures and events pop culture has exhausted here. And finally, affordable art from famous artists here.  


About a year ago, we were hit with the concerning news that Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys had cancer. So, we're delighted to see that the boys are back in business with a release date of May 3rd for their new album Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2. Check the album cover and tracklist here. Check a track with Nas here.  


While we bug out about insignificant levels of radiation drifting across the Pacific and tainting our weed supply, don't forget that the lives of our Japanese brothers and sisters will be impacted forever. To help out, you can straight donate here, or if you're so inclined, there are plenty of other ways to see that your money gets to helping the people of Japan - get a Bape t-shirt here and art here.  


Back in the studio cooking up some jams is none other than the legendary Booker T. The man that brought us the classics Green Onions and Melting Pot is back at it again and sound funky as ever. This time, he's got the Roots as his band and Gabriel Roth on the boards. Additionally, the upcoming album, The Road From Memphis, will have guest features that include Jim James, Sharon Jones and Lou Reed. Check out this cover song right here.  


Remember the good old days of making your band's demo on a shitty tape recorder and passing it out to all your friends? Now instead, its all about the mp3's and blogs, but we here over at Ropeadope still appreciate the lost art of demo tapes. Check out the 30 greatest hip hop demos here.  

Eric’s Picks

Tons and tons of great music floating around the net these days, so to help you sort through the mess, here's what I've been diggin on. Recently, Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke collaborated and put together this little 12 inch. It's all sold out, but someone was kind enough to rip it and post it here. Also, I stumbled across this great new mixtape by The Weeknd. You can read a little about them here and grab the tape here. Dig.