Don't forget that Ropeadope axe-man Todd Clouser is out on the road right now! Tonight, he's in St. Louis and you can check where he'll be for the next month or so right here. If you can't make any of the dates, don't miss out on the Todd Clouser experience by copping the album here.  Already a die hard fan?  Cop the Love Electric bundle here.  


Man oh man do we love Kickstarter. If you don't know already, it's a social network where you can find projects you're interested in and then contribute to their funding to get goodies in return. Check this one that we dug up - The Rap Almanc. By mining data, this project seeks to quantify which rapper was the smartest, who started what trend, and more. Awesome.  


For about a month now, eyes around the world have been on Egypt. We imagine it's impossible to understand the real magnitude of what's happening to those who live there without actually being there. But, to get the best coverage of what's going on, check out this feed of live updated over at the Guardian. As well as these two spots, where live updates are being posted direct from Libya. Our thoughts are with those who are living through these unimaginable circumstances.  


Last week, Radiohead made quite the stir with the release of their new album. Keeping true to their unorthodox release methods, on Monday they announced they would be releasing the world's first "newspaper album" on Saturday, and then they nonchalantly released it on Friday anyway. In any case, it's a great album and if you haven't already, you can grab it here.  Bonus:  hilarious video remixes here.  


Whenever we see a natural disaster, or something just plain wrong in the world we usually ask ourselves "why isn't someone doing something about that?". Well, in the case of Paul Watson, he "did something about that". Recently, his Sea Shepherd crew halted a Japanese whaling crew from hunting whales by literally going out there on his boat and getting in their way. Pretty bad ass. Read about it here. Check more about the crew here.  


Hey guys check it out - do you want the Spinning Leaves to cook food for you? Play in your living room? Maybe even write a song for you? Well now is you chance - the duo is looking for your support to help record their new songs and they got a whole bunch of goodies to give to you in return. Head on over to the page right here.  


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Drugs and music have been one of the most successful unions in history. In fact, artists gettin' high and makin some tunes goes further back then you may imagine - even for Mozart it was sex, drug and rock and roll. Check out this collection of ten great 21st century drug albums, made on drugs or about drugs (but probably a combo of both). Dig.