It's been a whole other year and we're still here standing strong. 2010 was a good year to us - we got to share more great music than we could list in one post and enjoyed the successful launch of the RDC. We can't wait to show you all what we got in store for 2011, and we're psyched you're along for the ride. Happy New Years!  


You may not realize it when you listen to what's on most radio stations, but music is still evolving and moving forward every year. This week at NPR, they're chronicling the trends that have been identified with music this past year. So far they've covered Ambition in Pop here, Small Groups in Jazz here, and Dubstep's Identity Crisis here. Dig.  


Nowadays, it seems like everyone's got themselves some sort of smartphone. And, its amazing to see how much more our phones in our lives now. For instance, you can DJ on your IPad here. Go on my favorite music social network, Soundcloud here. And even make music with this and this. Dope.  


Didn't get what you want for Christmas? No worries! There's tons of treats in the RAD store. We got limited amounts of leftovers in random sizes from the RDC Winter Run, the Classic Tee Collection, and a our favorite releases on Vinyl and CD. Check it out.  


Finally, we can stop looking at all the different album of the year lists. The geniuses over at NME put together a spiffy little formula to aggregate all the most popular lists into one. Check it out right here. Voice your frustrations in their comment section.  


Long before we were cranking Marshall stacks up to eleven and tripping on acid at Phish concerts, the ancient Mayas were setting the blueprint for how to rock out about two millenniums ago. Archaeologists suggest that they used advanced architecture to act as amplifiers and distorters to enthrall or disorient audiences. And for added effect they took Psychoactive drugs. Read about it here.  


Up for debate, the AV Club has a list of albums that contain what they refer to as the "turd in the caviar". Does your favorite album have that one song that you always skip over? Maybe it's misunderstood genius, or maybe it's just crap. Take a listen for yourself right here.  

mind blowing messages

Throughout the history of music, musicians have been finding ways to sneak secret messages into their music. Many may be unproven, but check this list that has some that are definitely undeniable. Includes the classic reversed audio, Radiohead conspiracy theories, hidden spectrograph pictures, and some more truly mind blowing stuff. Enjoy.