Something for Everyone

Either you think he's a genius, or you think he's an ass hole - there isn't really any middle ground when it comes to Kanye West. But, regardless on if you plan on picking up his new album today, we got something Kanye-related everyone can dig. Check out this compilation of all the samples used to make the album. There's definitely something for everyone on there, and you can grab it right here.  


The Collective is back! Today is the day that the Ropeadope Design Collective debuts its Winter collection of eight new tee-shirt designs. Featuring illustrations by artists from around the world, these fresh tees are a limited run and won't last long. Grab 'em while their hot right here.  

Descours 2010

Attention Ropeadopers - going down in our favorite city New Orleans, is DesCours from December 3-12. What's DesCours? Well, it's a free event that showcases unique architectural designs within the landscape of the city that were specifically created for the event. And as a bonus, there will be live music throughout the week. Learn more about Descours right here.  


One of my favorite instruments, The Fender Rhodes, has played an important role within the development of American music. Recognizing this, there's a film in the works called "Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story", which documents the instrument's journey through Jazz, Fusion, and today's popular music. Featuring pretty much everyone you would want to see with the instrument, you can get some more info and check some videos right here. Dig.  

Daft Punk X Tron

Quite possibly the one dance/electronic act anyone can get into is Daft Punk. And now, the two mysteriously masked men are gearing up for the release of their original soundtrack to the upcoming film "Tron: Legacy". Partially abandoning their two synthesizer and one drum machine set up, this time around, the duo flexed their musical muscles and worked with a 90 piece orchestra. Check out this interview where they reveal the experience here.  


Ok, sick...I found something that will cure the Ropeadopers around the world from boredom for the bulk of the work day today. Over at NPR, you can test your skills by playing "Name That Drum Fill" here and here. Once you got them down, you can check your answers here and here. And as a bonus, let's revisit this dope online drum set, where you can spend the day drumming along and perfecting you finger-drumming skills.  


Mark your calendars! As always, Ropeadoper Clay Ross is keeping busy, and has a show next Friday at Littlefield in Brooklyn. So, after you've digested your Thanksgiving feast and scored some Black Friday deals, make your way over to this can't-miss show. Check the promo vid here.  

Dig Decoded

Love him, hate him, or just don't care about him, you can't deny the man Jay-Z as being a seminal figure in the generation's culture. So, it's worth noting that you can grab his new book, Decoded, and read about how his life experiences translated into his art. Check some excerpts here, or grab it here. As a bonus, check out this video with Cornel West here.