In recent startling news, Sony announced the end of the Walkman - who the hell was still buying that thing? Check out this article on the history of portable music. Keith Richards points out the importance of new recorded mediums throughout history and their importance on disseminating music through culture. Don't take that IPod for granted.  


If you're like me, it's the week after Thanksgiving and you're already tired of Christmas music - especially that Mariah Carey CD that seems to take over malls and grocery stores every year. Luckily, for music snobs like us, Flavorwire has compiled a list of ten albums and singles of great Christmas music by dope artists.  Even better, it's got stuff for the whole family to enjoy, while you decorate the tree. Dig.  


Don't forget our man Clay Ross has been dropping free singles every month! Right now, you can grab the track "Shark Parade" for free 'til the end of November. You can read what inspired this track, as well as download it right here. Check out all the previous month's songs here.  

Hit Factory

Head on over to the Guardian, where they give some insight into Motown, the original hit factory. See how they took influence from their hometown's automobile industry, and churned out the hits assembly line style. Perhaps, other entities have been just as commercially successful, but never has the music been as high quality. Check it here.  


If you're not in the car, who really listens to radio anymore? Down in the RAD Labs, we decided to beef up our own radio station. It's equal parts backwards-looking and forward-looking - we got real DJ's that curate their real choices, and what better a new medium for radio than the internet? Tune in by heading over here, then clicking on the arrow in the bottom left corner.  

Happy Thanksgiving

Over here at Ropeadope, we're super psyched for our week to be filled with turkey and football. What's something everything should be thankful for? Be thankful that NFL teams no longer make music videos. In the 80's, it was someone's great idea to have the actual players rap in the videos. Complete with 80's cheesy goodness of drum machines and synths, check the worst of the worst over at Blender. Happy Thanksgiving!  


Well shit, what do we do now? As it turns out, radiation from Wi-Fi networks is harmful to trees, causing altered growth, as well as bleeding and fissures in the bark. Dutch scientists have shown that about 70% of all trees in urban areas show the adverse symptoms. Read more about it here.  

Rock Feuds

Sometimes I wish I was in a band just so I could have an epic falling out with my band members. A weird dream indeed, but it was reignited by Rolling Stone's list of the 11 Greatest Rock Feuds of All Time. Head on over and check it out here. Hey - anyone wanna start a band?