Are album covers a dying art form? We sure hope not, though they certainly don't have the same pop culture significance as they used to. Well anyway, get your mind IN the gutter because the Huffington Post did some digging in the crates and pulled out The Funniest Unintentionally Sexual Album Covers. The "awkward" images and titles with sexual innuendo that were perhaps ahead of their time (?), are sure to get you giggling. Check it out here.  


You go see a live performance, and often times it's the singer that is immediately in the forefront of your attention. Get some insight into the magic over at NPR, where they have the "50 Greatest Voices". From the uniqueness of Robert Plant, the beauty of Freddie Mercury, and the rawness of Howlin' Wolf, read about what made them sing they way they sang. Dig.  


So, what do you do if you have a business and it's completely illegal? Well, in the case of torrent hosting site The Pirate Bay, they decided to say fuck earth, and are now trying to make the move to space. After they got into a little bit of trouble, the pirates decided to try to buy their own country, but have since moved on to more pirate-like ideas, such as hosting off a sailboat (traditional pirate), hosting from a balloon (flying pirate), and now from a satellite (space pirate).  Looks like they're finally evolving to today's times.  


Ever wonder where those awesomely weird sound effects come from in movies? Well, wonder no more - Composer Troels Brun Folmann reveals some of his trade secrets with his "Music Made With Bees" project. It actually features original sound design by Folmann, with the original source being the recorded sounds of bees from his backyard. Check it out here, and a video here. Curious where some of those deep sounding synth fx sounds come from too? This guy mic'ed up his bathroom when he had food poisoning...  


Recently, experimental electronic musician Flying Lotus quickly followed up his latest full length, "Cosmogramma", with an EP called "Pattern + Grid World". Out on Warp Records, Flylo debuted a new video from the project (featured here yesterday) for the song "Kill Your Co-Workers". And as an embracer of the open source community, he has made all of the animation files available to the public, so that people can post their own adaptations here. Dope.  

The DKG’s

We know it's now fall, but we can't stop thinking about our summer romance. Hide your daughters, The Dead Kenny G's have been on the road and they're making their way down south. Check out the tour dates here. Check out the live epicness here. The record is here. All hail the DKG's!  


Who better to do a public service announcement for music piracy than Gilbert Gottfried? Well over at Victory Records, that's what they thought and we could not agree more. He utilizes the excellent metaphors of asking for free food from McDonalds and stealing from lemonade stands. Check it out here. We understand you're low on cash, but hey - so are the musicians. Support.  

Red cat in the doghouse

The industry may have taken a few steps back during the "digital age", but the music is definitely racing full steam ahead. Now musicians have direct access to an infinite amount of sounds and tools, giving them rich sonic palettes and an expansive musical language like never before. Check out our brand new record by the Red Cat In The Doghouse - the Italian DJ defies logic by blurring genres and creating something uniquely his own. Out today - stream and download right here.