Hopefully, you told your friends about..."Tell Your Friends", the latest release on Ropeadope by Snarky Puppy. And now, you can tell your friends that the Pups are on tour. It'll be just like what you heard and saw on the CD/DVD, but still, nothing beats seeing these guys in person doin their thing. Check out their full list of fall tour dates right here.  

Record Collection

Busy man Mark Ronson has just release his third solo album this week with his band, The Business International (which is stacked full of RAD favorites). "Record Collection" doesn't disappoint for those who are familiar with this guy's impressive production discography, however, it's a bit of a departure from his usual sound, taking some influence from 80's synth pop.  The album also features an eclectic list of guest performances including Q-Tip, Ghostface, Boy George, and D'Angelo. Check it out right here.  

Free Clay Ross

Back again with a great new tune for us is Clay Ross. Entitled "Computer Crash", he explains this one got its name from a computer mishap, which erased the initial version of this song. Fortunately, Clay didn't let technology keep him down and he re-wrote out the song just so we could hear it here today - how thankful we are.  Inspired by the NYC jazz scene, this one will keep you on your toes with its rhythmic twists and turns. Grab it for FREE right here.  

Funk Archaeology

The man behind music-powerhouses Stones Throw and Now-Again records, Egon, now has an official column over at NPR. "Funk Archaeology" explores different regions around the world and uncovers funk, soul, psychedelia and hip hop rarities. Most recently, Egon went on a dig in Angola and discovered a treasure chest full of pre-cival war recordings. Think you know funk?  Keep up here on all his digs.  


You may have heard about them around these parts before, but now you get to hear for yourself...Our latest signing, Lady, is soon to release their debut EP, and to introduce them to the world, we have this free track, "Prototype", available right here. We could go on about how amazing Kate Faust's soul-drenched voice is...but really, you should just go ahead and take a listen because we know you'll be just as excited about discovering them as we were. Enjoy!  

Kotchy’s Baggy Spandex

Recently, we were hipped to this dude Kotchy, and we've been hooked on his music ever since. The producer/drummer's sound ranges somewhere between J Dilla and Beck - unique vocals, bubbly synths and guitars, which are all accompanied by the crackle of records from which he samples from. His latest output, "Baggy Spandex", was created only from a bag of records he found thrown away on the street. Check it out right here.  


It's been a minute since we heard from our Venezuelan/Wisconsinite family, La Otrabanda, so we were super pumped when we saw them in our inbox. They shared with us this fantastic video they just made - check it out right here.  And dont worry, they have assured us that new music is on the way.  Saludos.    

Great Minds Think ALike

It really does sound like the beginning of a joke - so, Jay-Z, Warren Buffett, and Steve Forbes walk into a room together - but recently, it actually did happen. Watch as the 40-year-old rapper from the Brooklyn Projects and the 80-year-old investor from Nebraska sat down to have a chat during the first ever Forbes 400 Summit. They find out that their keys to success are similair despite their different fields of work and backgrounds. Definitely worth checking it out.