If you still haven't picked up this week's Ropeadope release, Bewildered Herd by the Dead Kenny G's, then you don't know what you're missing!  Check out what others had to say about it here, here, and here.  You can grab it digitally from us or Itunes by clicking right here.


Under the direction of Damon Albarn, the Gorrilaz collaborated with Syrian conductor Issam Rafea to compose what would end up being this. Recently, the two forces met up again to share the stage in the Middle East. Check out the magic over here.  


Need help getting through the last work day of the week?  Ropeadope is here to help.  Check out the stash of everyone's favorite pot head over seventy.  Check this and the video of the making of the world's strongest, most expensive beer that also happens to be inside a stuffed squirrel.  Prepare for intergalactic warfare (or maybe just Halloween) by making one of these.  And finally, watch this leopard fuck up some wildebeests with the most fitting music in the background.


Man, I thought it was dangerous enough when I discovered I could bid on Ebay right from my phone. But now with this, an app that lets you remotely drive your car, will put butt-dialing and even drunk-dialing at the bottom of the list for the worst shit you could do with your phone. Check out some more ridiculous apps here, here, and here.  UPDATE: yea - unfortanately, it's fake.  


Dallas is known for its tight knit music community and staying true to that reputation, the city is alive with weekly jam sessions. Recently, members of our own Snarky Puppy jammed with the musical heavyweights in Lady Gaga's band - who was touring through the area. Read about the magic that happened here.  

Clay Invasion

Yes! Our own Clay Ross is coming to our hometown this upcoming month. His Philadelphia invasion includes two intimate warm up shows here and a gig at the prestigious Philly Folk Festival. See you all there.  


Digitally get a taste for New Orleans music culture through this new project Open Sound New Orleans. It's an interactive "soundmap" where users can post and share authentic and unedited homemade recordings from the streets of the city. From there, anyone can listen, share, reuse, and collaborate. Awesome.  

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

Speaking of shows you shouldn't miss, one of our favorites, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, have announced their upcoming tour dates. Though it seems they forgot our town, we're still proud of them for standing strong on our their own and earning industry-wide respect with members playing on records for this guy, this guy, our guy, and this guy among many others.