Artist: Arthur Vint & Associates

Album: Through The Badlands

Release Date: 2016-01-29

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about the album

Arthur Vint & Associates' debut album "Through The Badlands" evokes visions of the western American landscape, with its vast open expanses and rocky terrain. Rooted in the great American traditions of jazz and rock 'n' roll, the album weaves contemporary influences with vintage country as well as traditional Native American spiritual music, drawing on the images and sounds of Vint's childhood growing up in Tucson, Arizona. Vint's diverse influences on this album range from Neil Young to Thelonious Monk, Marty Robbins to John Coltrane and beyond.

about the artist

Arthur Vint leads his ensemble from behind the drum set with authority, yet the music he writes is not drum-centric. The album demonstrates Vint's mastery of and passion for different musical styles and showcases his supportive drumming. His compositions and arrangements are crafted to feature each instrument in his unique eight-piece ensemble that includes chromatic harmonica, violin and bass clarinet, as well as the more traditional jazz instruments tenor sax, guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Arthur Vint & Associates is comprised of some of New York's greatest established musicians (Rich Perry on saxophone, Tony Scherr on guitar and Jon Cowherd on piano) and rising stars (Blanca Gonzalez on violin and Yvonnick Prene on harmonica), as well as some of Arthur's oldest friends from Arizona (Ian Stapp on bass and Andrew Halchak on bass clarinet.)