Artist: Fumihito Sugawara

Album: This Goes…

Release Date: 2010-03-15

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about the album

“This Goes…” is a masterpiece of a debut album. Fumi-hito brings combines the wonders of music into an album that speaks to the hearts of the listeners. The album must be absorbed as a whole taking it in pieces would be like driving with out a steering wheel.

From start to finish Fumi-hito knows where he wants the journey of your ears to begin and where he wants you to say “wow” by the end of the album. Forget the mentality that single songs are the way of the future, Fumi-hito proves that wrong with “This Goes…” and you better be a believer.

about the artist

Some artists exceed the confining industry-boxes of genres, and blaze roads seldom traveled by their contemporaries. In a land of box-dwellers and one-trick ponies comes Fumihito Sugawara, or simply Fumi-hito for short. The Hiroshima-raised Fumi-hito narrates the listener's musical adventure, not with words, but through the use of sound. His sounds are his symbols as he states, "I feel a visual narrative through notes." And it's only fitting for a cat whose name literally translates to "man of literature!".

Fumihito has released four albums on Ropeadope - each one a complete departure in style but with his signature style present. Heavily influenced by hip-hop, jazz, brazilia, soul, and Japanese-folk music, Fumi released his debut in 2010. 'This Goes' showcased a style that can be seen as the outcome of a hypothetical meeting between the likes of Lalo Schifrin, DJ Logic, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. The Austin Texas (by way of Hiroshima) native states, “I feel a visual narrative through notes'. His followup release, 'Lo 21', dropped in 2012 as a self described Lo 2 1 project of imagination - a soundtrack for a movie that exists solely in my head about a single, middle-aged salaryman.
Fast forward to 2013, and Fumihito reappears with Ropeadope alum Simon Sixsmith of Black Gold 360. Apparently the two met via email and decided to collab on a project digitally. the result, '20 Country Love Songs', is a stylish, unpredictable, atmospheric and curiously jazzy record that defies categorization.

And now the musically restless Fumhito is at it again, quickly dropping his latest project, 35mm with friend and man of mystery Claude McCan aka Claude Nine. What we don't know about Claude Nine surpasses what we do know.
There are hints, but no conclusive evidence of the man's past. What we do know is that he looks extraordinarily dashing in a white suit, and most likely drives an Aston Martin. the result of their collaboration - a band that is reconstructing lounge music with a sultry and polished style, influenced by bossa nova, tango, jazz, surf music, space-age pop, and spy-movie soundtracks.The buzz around Austin is growing quickly around these retrofuturistic cats.