Artist: Malika Tirolien

Album: Sur La Voie Ensoleillee

Release Date: 2014-07-15

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about the album

Sur La Voie Ensoleillee (On the High Road) speaks of a positive, enlightened, and determined worldview. All of her life's influences can be felt as Malika moves from Carribean vocals and rhythms from her native Guadeloupe to Soul and Jazz, to urban Montreal's take on Hip-Hop. Delicate and precise, Malika's universal voice is clear and compelling throughout. It is no surprise that the music is hard to place in one category, but of course that is what defines musical courage and exploration.

about the artist

Malika Tirolien was raised in an artistic environment - Her grandfather inspired her with poems, her grandmother was a pianist, and her father was a self taught multi-instrumentalist. This background shaped her will to become an artist, and she began singing as a teenager. Leaving her home in Guadeloupe for the University of Montreal, Malika studied jazz and quickly became a part of the Montreal jazz scene as part of the Kalmunity Jazz project, The Kalmunity Vibe Collective, and the Hip-Hop fused soul group Groundfood.