Artist: Greg Hester

Album: Soul Brother Where Art Thou?

Release Date: 2015-03-17

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about the album

Greg Hester is perhaps the best kept secret of the South. His career spans two decades as he moved steadily from a young country rocker to a seasoned soul man and songwriter. In 2009 Greg dropped the perennially funky 'Hustlers, Killers, and Thieves', featuring members of the James Brown band, to excellent reviews. Greg's followup album, American Story, was a collection of HIS songs - the soul man turned to reflection with distinctly soulful Americana tunes that told the many stories of his life.

And now - seven years in the making, Soul Brother Where Art Thou? is Greg Hester's ultimate tribute to the man himself, Mr. James Brown. Recorded at Eric McConnell's famed Nashville studio with almost all of the players from Mr. Brown's last touring band, Soul Brother finds Greg pairing with a carefully selected set of guest vocalists from Raul Malo to Shana Morrison, each bringing their homage and unique style to the classic songs with that undeniable groove backing them up.

Keith Jenkins - Guitar
Fred Wesley - Trombone
Hollie Farris - Trumpet
Waldo Weathers - Saxophone
Jeff Watkins - Saxophone
Fred Thomas - Bass
Ron Laster - Guitar
Erik Hargrove- Drums
Robert 'Mousey' Thompson - Drums
George 'Spike' Nealy - Percusiion
Danny Ray - Rap & Backing Vocals
Amy Christian - Backing Vocals
Kelly Jarrell Gordon - Backing Vocals

John Popper - Harmonica Track 6 &10
Ivan Neville - Hammond B3 & Wurlitzer Electric Piano Track 4 & 8
Sam Dismuke - Trombone
Shannon Pengelly - Piano Track 1, Backing Vocals on Track 7
Dave Swannigan - Drums Track 1

about the artist

Few artists truly exemplify the place they are coming from in this world. Greg tells the story of a place he knows all to well, when he talks about struggling he knows it firsthand. Meet a man who has given it his all to achieve being a musician. Meet a man who makes an ugly situation beautiful by telling the story of a time and place, a photograph of the current world. One can even look beyond Greg's soulful voice and find a songwriter that stands far beyond the normal crowd. He belongs to the elite class of songwriters, people who can witness their world, capture a story, and make one feel that the power of music can bring hope. Take one part soul man, take one part Augusta, Georgia native, add in the blessing and backing band from one of the most legendary entertainers that has ever walked this Earth, Mr. James Brown. And what do you get? Mr. Greg Hester and the LG's. A southern boy raised on soul and the goodness it can bring into the world. Greg captures the stories and tales from his gritty southern world and brings them to life with a catchy groove, "ya' feeling sweet cause you on the beat"- as Mr. Danny Ray supports Greg.