Artist: A Love Electric

Album: Son Of A Hero

Release Date: 2014-09-16

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about the album

Son of A Hero, the name, is something I wanted to say since a kid, as I often felt insignificant, but didn't understand. I feel like we all operate, now in this giant monolith society, in the shadow of some great hero of "success" of someone or something that came before us. I feel this in music, in the arts as much as in my family, and you can walk through Times Square and see who the winner has been in the fight to maintain character and substance in culture. This record is resigning to that and voiding it of importance, "fine, you cats were heroes, you created a giant giant of win, and thats wonderful if you are getting what you want. Im fine with just being the son of whatever came before. I don't have to try to outgrow the shadow, I can celebrate my space in it".  Its more empowering than trying to overcome some idea of greatness by ego and conquer that doesn't truly give us what may be most meaningful.    

Son of A Hero the first record in my life as a musician I feel is honest to me in ways I can learn from. All I've ever wanted to do is create music, create new, and create something real with people out of that, music that is really about personality and character, and I think this record does that. Its taken a lot to get there. Moving to a new country, moving to a city Id never thought Id live in, sleeping on floors, buses, Aunts' couches, and writing more songs to throw away than I thought I'd ever write in the first place, but its all right, its just been following the music. I've followed the music and its led us to this record. Finally proud of something. 

A Love Electric is group we've been touring with the past 3 years, often with my name attached to it, but its grown to be a real band, an honest sum of its parts, not just mine anymore. There are three of us, from three different countries (MX/US/ARG) , all living within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. We all have careers playing in other groups as well, but this became something special as we spent more time together, we've left a lot of personal opportunity behind to commit to it just playing music and moving around the world as much as we could. We've evolved a lot over time, from playing instrumental music to songs where I just yelled to what might be more proper songs now, which is really my voice and what I do when I'm alone just making music.

about the artist

A Love Electric is a critically acclaimed rock trio born out of Mexico City's jazz scene. The band is fronted by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Todd Clouser. Clouser, Kansas born and Minneapolis grown, moved to Mexico City in 2011 after meeting drummer/producer Hernan Hecht and bassist Aaron Cruz. After stints in rehab in the US, time in Boston, Colorado, Minneapolis, US van tours, and records crossing genres, labels, and success, Clouser saw the opportunity to have a real, democratic band, and jumped at it, moving into a small apartment in the Mexico City neighborhood of Portales to be close to Cruz and Hecht. The results have been prolific and fascinating. The three members of A Love Electric live within a block of each other in Mexico City, a city of 26 million people. Once an instrumental group falling into the jazz genre, A Love Electric has evolved into a vocal fronted rock ensemble while still maintaining the spirit they see as essential to "jazz" : the spirit of discovery, and a dedication to ambitious inquiry. Challenge is what the band embraces, on buses through Northern Africa to indigenous communities in the mountains of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, A Love Electric is out, to discover, cultivate, and share a life of inquiry as the band lives it.